Weak on your knees: what every woman should know if she wants to be irresistible to men

Is it possible to awaken an incredible attraction in a man that actually weakens him to his knees? You may be trying to get her attention for the first time, or you may already be in a relationship and looking for a way to make her melt so that she falls deeper and deeper in love with you. Regardless, when you know what turns a man on, you can make him feel amazing in a way that no other woman has.

How to weaken a man’s knees

One of the first things you can do to weaken a man’s knees is to stimulate him visually. Appearances DO matter to men. It’s not because they’re all superficial jerks, but rather because they’re biologically wired to be physically attracted to women. Use this to your advantage.

If you want to visually stimulate him, you don’t have to be a super model or wear a super short mini skirt with high heels and a shirt that shows tons of cleavage. Instead, think of classy elegance. Imagine watching a guy gape when he sees you coming down the stairs for the first time at prom. That’s the kind of “WOW” factor you’re looking for. If you want him to melt, choose something cute just for him.

Next, don’t underestimate the power of scents. An amazing perfume can do wonders to make a man melt. Look up reviews online to see what’s popular. Don’t overdo it. You want him to be able to smell it when he passes you, but you don’t want it to be overwhelming. A subtle scent can make a man’s attraction to you accelerate.

Third, mix it up. Remember, men love variety. Don’t be afraid to change your look from time to time and be open to new adventures. A new look can capture a man’s curiosity and make him feel like he’s experiencing a completely new person every time. He will love that being around you never gets old and stale.

Fourth, radiate confidence. Whether you’re short, tall, skinny, or fat, love who you are and exude confidence in everything you do. Most men will agree that happy, confident, and independent women are super sexy. Confidence is a surefire way to get him to crave you.

Fifth, your smile is your secret weapon when it comes to weakening him at the knees. Whenever he looks at you, give him the biggest smile in the world. A beautiful smile says, “I like you. I’m approachable, happy, and fun.” A big smile also radiates confidence. Isn’t it amazing how you can instantly feel more alive and more attracted to someone the moment they smile at you or indicate that they like you too?

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