Top 12 Exercises To Get A Tight Booty!

Do you want to have a tight butt like J. Lo or a bootylicious rear like Beyonce? Let it be known that these women have great assets because they work for them. Even Latifah loves her new booty she developed by doing booty specific exercises. I have seen many women transform their backs by doing specific butt exercises and following a healthy eating plan. If you want to create a Bikini Bottom like Cameron Diaz, do these exercises 3 times a week!

These are the most effective exercises I always include in a workout designed to tighten your butt:

Standing exercises 1-2 sets, 15-25 reps

1) Single Leg Squats – Body Weight: Begin standing with your feet hip-width apart. Lift your left foot 1 inch off the floor and place your full body weight on your right leg. Send your hips back as if you were going to sit in a chair. Make sure your right knee doesn’t press on your right toe. Drive through your right heel, loading all of your weight onto your right leg, and squeeze your right butt on top. Repeat for 15 to 25 reps and then do the other leg.

2) Reverse Lunges – 3-pound to 8-pound dumbbells – Begin standing with your feet hip-width apart. Step back 3-4 feet with your right leg and land on the ball of your right foot. Lower your right knee toward the ground until your left thigh is parallel to the ground. Drive through your left heel, loading your weight onto your left leg, and return to your standing position by squeezing your left tush. Repeat 15-25 reps and then do the other leg.

3) Squats – 5-10 pound dumbbells – Place dumbbells on your shoulders and begin standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Send your hips back as if you were going to sit in a chair. Go as low as you can without pushing your knees on your toes. Push back into a standing position driving through your heels and your hips and then squeeze your butt when you reach the top. Repeat for 15 to 25 repetitions.

4) Side kicks, round kicks, and back kicks: Do 15 to 25 reps of each kick. If you are a beginner, I recommend that you ask a kickboxing instructor to teach you how to perform these kicks safely with good form and technique.

Floor exercises 1-2 sets, 15-25 reps

1) Back Kicks on All Fours: Start on a mat on your hands and knees. Squeeze your abs to support your back, then push your right leg toward the ceiling, creating a 45-degree angle. Squeeze your glutes when your leg is fully extended, and then bring your knee back directly under your hip. Repeat this movement for 15-25 reps and then switch to the other leg.

2) Fire hydrant on all fours – Start on a mat on your hands and knees. Stretch your abs inward to support your lower back and lift your right knee to the side like a dog lifting its leg to go to the bathroom. Squeeze the outside of your buttocks and then lower your leg. Repeat this movement 15-25 reps and then switch to the other leg.

3) Squeeze the glutes from the shoulder bridge: Begin on your back with your arms down on the floor, your knees bent, and your feet placed approximately one foot in front of your knees. Raise your hips into the air by pushing your heels in and squeezing your glutes. Lower your hips about two inches and then press up by squeezing your glutes. Repeat this movement for 15-25 reps.

4) One Leg Shoulder Bridge Butt Tighten – Use the same way as the normal shoulder bridge above, except for a slight change. Lift your left foot 2 inches off the ground and balance all of your weight on your right leg, squeezing your right glutes each time you raise your hips. Repeat for 15 to 25 reps and then switch legs.

Cardiovascular exercises of 20 to 45 minutes

1) Walking or treadmill walking on a slope of 5.0-10.0

2) Climbing stairs or climbing machine

3) Ice skating machine, rollerblading or rollerblading

4) Jogging or 5 sets of sprint intervals of 30 to 90 seconds with 2-3 minutes of recovery

I have designed a twenty minute butt and thigh sweep workout DVD specifically designed to tighten your butt and it has been hailed by many as their favorite workout. To view “The Hollywood Trainer Butt and Thigh Blast Workout” which includes all the standing and floor exercises listed above, visit

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