Hard to get, easy to be with

Playing hard to get it is not a game, it is simply a woman with a full life who puts herself and her needs first. This confident woman would never dream of putting anything on hold for a man. She is not the woman who waves her arms and yells “pick me up, pick me up.” She is the woman who makes her own decisions. This says “I’m sure”. The best way to end a man’s attraction is to be the opposite of being secure, that he is needy and attached. Hard to get is a positive attitude that inspires a man to fall in love with himself to be with you.

A woman who is hard to come by but easy to be with has shown a man that she is happy with him, but can be just as happy without having anything to do with him. This intrigues him and that is when he will not leave his side. It’s hard to get women not to wait by the phone, not to change plans to fit their schedule, to not get late night calls or last minute appointments. They have their limits and standards set and this earns their respect. She is happy in her life and a happy woman is really very sexy.

Think of it as the prize. There are different types of awards. There are the ones in the jack cracker box. That’s the easy prize. All they have to do to get it is open the box and throw it away and there is the prize. What about this award? It is usually thrown away or thrown away somewhere and forgotten. If they come across this award later down the road, chances are they won’t even remember where it came from. That is easy, it is not difficult to achieve.

Then there is the award he had to work for. Your new BMW or sports car. He had to work long hours and save for years for this award. What do you do with this? He doesn’t let anyone else drive him, he keeps it clean and under his garage, he takes pictures of him and treats him with affection because he values ​​him, he had to work for it.

So playing hard to get there is really easy. Just live a wonderful life, put yourself first and he will follow. As long as you see yourself as the prize, he will see you that way too and will enjoy putting in the extra effort – after all, he wants the prize.

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