Have you seen an FBI surveillance van parked on your street?

What are the FBI surveillance vans doing? It seems? Such a vehicle may look like a flower delivery van, a utility truck, or a black van that appears to be a teddy bear delivery company. If the FBI violates the law and does not use a marked truck, the license plate will begin with the letters SV, after a five-digit number that identifies the number of the truck. But, in the real world, the FBI can use any type of vehicle, like an RV and a Mini Cooper, to be more precise. These two vehicles can be loaded with cameras and dumped on your street for months for passive surveillance.This area is under CCTV surveillance. Consequently, these vehicles are transformed into large tubes with wheels!

So how can you identify these vehicles that the FBI is using for surveillance? You can usually tell if the FBI is equipping cars with cameras by how many are lined up at any residence. For example, if a house has four or five cars parked in front of the front lawn, this is a sure indication that they are equipped with an overabundance of cameras. Another indicator: If you see a relatively new car parked on the street corner with a for sale sign, the car may be equipped with cameras. Another indicator: do you see the same car models constantly parking around you? Do you see the same car models parked everywhere you go and in your neighborhood? If so, this is another indication that they carry cameras. Everything related to a public service, such as school buses, post office and UPS, may be participating in covert surveillance operations by equipping their vehicles with cameras. Here’s one more indicator: cars that are strategically placed for surveillance often accumulate a large amount of dirt due to immobility; they stand out like a sore thumb. If you see two very familiar car models parked opposite each other, this is probably a surveillance tactic that resembles a checkpoint.

The FBI uses highly advanced surveillance radio equipment to spy on anyone. Although government surveillance is wrong and it should be clear why government surveillance of citizens is bad, some people ignore the vast negative consequences of older brother spying on you day and night. Government officials claim surveillance is necessary to combat potential terrorist attacks, but that is just a pretext, a lame excuse to justify and keep the aggressive surveillance machinery strong.

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