Fashion Accessories According to the Occasion

Nowadays, people of all ages are becoming very conscious about their appearance! Being presentable and updated is the need of the hour. To look great and glamorous, putting on fashionable clothes and makeup is not enough until it is complemented with the right type of accessory. Only chunky jewelry, stylish bags, cool looks, trendy belts, scarves, stylish tattoos for women and cufflinks, ties, purses, wallets can enhance your outfit and make you look smarter.

You must be smart enough to select your accessory from a wide range of fashion accessories depending on the occasion and the weather. The list of accessories is endless, but the most important are:


Jewelry is just as important as clothing. Putting on jewelry that complements the clothes you are wearing requires basic knowledge, to play out its inherent charm.

Skillful use of gems and jewels affects the change in the entire dress. You need to break the color monotony of business clothes so that the jewelry reflects the career and suits the personality. Understated jewelry is best for interviews such as small studs with a matching pendant, chunky jewelry for college students, long chandeliers and dainty skinny necks for cocktail parties, and heavy traditional Indian jewelry for any festival or wedding.

Let your jewelry speak the language of fashion!


Usually, men and women buy shoes without thinking about whether the fashion shoes I am buying will go with my outfit or not. Shoes are that vital part of our daily dress that can spoil the whole look if we wear them inappropriately with our clothes.

Formal shoes are worn at any formal event as women should wear leather sandals with high heels to match formal attire while sandals with shiny finish and high heels for evening parties. Wearing leather shoes with formal attire will give your man a classy and stylish look.


You need to have a different bag for different occasions but you don’t know what kind of bag for each event, we are here to help you.

School bags vary in size, are made of lightweight material like nylon, and are durable. It is designed simple and cute. Office bags are elegant and sophisticated. Leather is the appropriate material and the design that suits your office clothes is good. They must be worn on your shoulders.

Simple, plain oversized bags are perfect for a typical outing with friends. Handbags are also used, as it can be used both as a handbag and as a shoulder bag. Beach bags should have vibrant colors, floral designs, and should give a refreshing effect to the eyes. These bags are made of waterproof fabrics.

Bags for nights out and formal gatherings are stylish, small and practical. These bags are so elegant that they can be embellished with sequins or beads and more importantly contrasted with the color of the dress to catch the eye.

So start experimenting with accessories with the help of the basics given here and create your own style statement!

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