Barbados in a snapshot

A break from your professional stadium for a week may not seem like enough to enjoy your vacation in Barbados. However, knowing the activities you want to participate in, the tours you want to take advantage of, or the places you want to visit before you pack your things in your big LV suitcase will maximize your time on the island. Creating a list of things to do and where to go beforehand will make your vacation run smoothly.

A visit to Barbados may be limited, but making the most of the trip will create memories for a lifetime. Find out with rave internet reviews and available island maps.

Barbados is home to more than 60 beaches. This Caribbean island is a long stretch of the best coastlines and beaches in the world. The uniqueness of Barbados is represented through powdery-soft, pink sand and turquoise waters. As the golden yellow sunbeam makes the beach more attractive as it reflects a glass like appearance from time to time. Kick back with authentic rum punch as you hang out with your muse to authentic Barbadian music that surrounds paradise on earth. Feel the spotlight of the tropical sun as you walk by the sea as you create a blueprint of your future. Not to mention the friendliest staff and excellent service at every hotel he booked.

A true shopper’s paradise, Barbados offers duty-free designer brands, exotic jewelery and gems, world-famous rum and tobacco. The island offers the most distinctive and exciting shopping experience in the Caribbean. The capital city, Bridgetown, is home to the longest shopping spree on the island.

Families, children and friends will not be disappointed if they are looking for fun and adrenaline in Barbados. Hike through Coles Cave with a team of hikers, zip-line across Harris or join a safari tour to visit the island’s exotic and endangered inhabitants.

Historical adventure through museums and centuries-old houses is also a popular pleasure on the island. Mansions built in the 18th and 19th centuries are sure to give you great ideas on how to set up your own crib. A mix of African and European tastes, architectural and interior designs are sure to blow your mind.

Get marry
There is no better way to get married than to celebrate this momentous event in the most beautiful place in the world. With panoramic locations and a picture-perfect background, every shot is a work of art. A show of kindness will wrap up the ceremony and keep your guests in awe every minute of it. Arrangements with the Marriage Officers must be made prior to the ceremony. After that, you are free to tie the knots. World premiere golfer Tiger Woods got married at Sandy Lane Beach and Golf Club.

Festivals and Events
Cultural immersion is arguably the best way to see Bajan ways of thriving and living. Enjoy surfing competition from world-class surfers and highly anticipated cricket matches during the Food & Wine Festival.

Barbados has a lot to offer. Simply combine your wants and needs with countless options and you’re sure to come back for a second round of feasting, food and fun.

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