7 Tips to Get Started on Twitter: The Deceptively Simple Social Media Platform

The problem with the microblogging platform Twitter is that it is deceptively simple, and this is partially true because each tweet is only 140 characters or less. So while it seems like very little attention is needed to tweet, it actually takes a planned strategy to be effective on Twitter.

But before you delve into your strategy, you should join Twitter if you haven’t already. And even this relatively simple step can be fraught with danger. (Some of you may already be on Twitter and not following one or more of the tips below.)

So, here are my top Twitter tips to get you off to a good start on this social media platform:

Sign up for Twitter only when you are ready to follow these steps:

1. Post a photo with your bio summary.

2. Choose a good Twitter username (it can be your name, your company name or your brand, but not something ridiculous – try to avoid using underscores and numbers – whatever capitalization you enter the username is the way your username will be displayed, although people can type with or without capital letters).

3. Put your real name in the NAME box in the settings / account information. (Your Twitter username goes in the username box).

4. Start slowly watching what other people are tweeting instead of trying to accumulate 1,000 followers in one day and get kicked off Twitter for “spamming.”

5. Include a URL if you have a website.

6. Write something interesting in your bio summary instead of something ridiculous.

7. Send at least two Twitter updates as soon as you upload your photo and write your bio summary (160 characters).

Of course, there are many more tips for using Twitter on, but this will get you started. (If you are a blogger, note that you can use third-party applications to automatically post your blog feeds to your Twitter account.)

And no matter what they say (and I’ve read the naysayers too), if – and I mean yes – you learn to use Twitter correctly and effectively, you will come to appreciate what a great online tool it is.

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