Writing a resume – Examples

Resumes are easy to put together and can be easily copied and adapted to your unique situation. Let’s look at some examples of resume sections you can use.

Header: Jane Doe, 123 Main St. Anytown, Anystate, 00000; 555-123-4567(m), 555-678-0987(c), [email protected]. This contains all the necessary information in a header.

Job Objective: English major seeks an entry-level position with a small to medium-sized publisher where I can take increasing responsibility in response to quality work.

Education – Whassamata U. 2002 – 2006; BA English, minor journalism.

Experience: editor, school newspaper Whassamatu U. 2005 and 2006, secretary, Times Herald newspaper, Anytown;
Volunteer Writer, Times Herald Newspaper, Anytown, etc.

Miscellaneous – Volunteered for community road cleanups 2002 – 2006, won Best Young Writer for state during senior year of high school. etc..

These are just a few examples of what to include on your resume. The only real “headers” you will use are Job Goal, Education, and Experience. Your name is the first actual header followed by the rest in the order listed here. You can customize the miscellaneous section to include your favorite areas. This could attract the attention of the hiring manager who shares the same interest as you.

You never know what interests two people share until you actually share information. Just be yourself and do your best. Be sure to include all the relevant information that is relevant to the job offer. Don’t just send a generic document, it seems you don’t have time for business. Trust me, they won’t have time for you either. Now go write that resume.

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