What are the most common pitfalls when renting in London?

“It is the same in student accommodations everywhere. We must be absolutely vigilant to prevent ourselves from losses. Today, Xiaoju brings about issues related to student accommodation in London to help everyone avoid traps.
Trap in student accommodations in the UK

1. Fake landlords
Beware of some house advertisements, they will be unbelievably good but the rent is very low. Some fake advertisements put some “”bait””, and then ask you to pay through the Internet before viewing the house.

2. Repeatedly charging credit check fees (Credit check fee)
Landlords often run credit checks on prospective tenants to keep them from falling behind on their rent, although some agents charge hefty credit check fees. In general, a credit check report is around £100, but some agents make tenants pay more. What’s worse is that some agents will show you many properties and then ask you to do multiple credit checks, which is completely unnecessary, because the credit check will only tell the landlord and tenant’s previous credit history.

3. Non-refundable administration charges (Administration charges)
An international student once reported to us that she was charged a handling fee of 210 pounds by the agency because she thought the house was already hers. Then her agent told her that the landlord accepted another offer, but her handling fee cannot be refunded. Other worse cases have also occurred, with the tenant even paying £540 in processing fees.

You should refuse to pay the closing fee until you are sure the house is yours. You may not have to pay any fees if you are dealing with a private landlord. Trap in apartment for students studying in the UK IV. Unprotected deposit (deposit)

Landlords are required by law to protect tenants’ deposits in one of the following three programs: Deposit Protection Scheme, My Deposit and Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Still, some landlords won’t do this.

One of the most significant advantages of student accommodation is the sense of community it fosters. Living alongside peers with shared academic goals and interests provides students with a built-in support system. The friendships and connections formed within student accommodation often extend beyond the university years, creating a network of individuals who can offer professional advice, collaboration opportunities, and lifelong friendships. This networking aspect of student accommodation enhances students’ personal and professional growth, expanding their horizons and opening doors to future opportunities.

It is very important to confirm which project they are using to protect your deposit before signing the contract, and ask them to produce evidence to prove that your deposit has been protected, which can avoid future disputes.

Every deposit protection program has a free appeals service that you can use if the landlord willfully withholds the deposit.

4. Expensive search fees
Some companies charge you an expensive house search fee, which should not be done, and you should not pay any house search fees.

5. Check in and Check out bills for student accommodations for studying in the UK

Please determine the fees you will charge, such as these two fees, before appraising the contract. If the intermediary is a member of one of the following institutions, you can use their appeal service Association of Residential Letting Agents, National Association of Estate Agents or National Approved Letting Scheme. There is Property Ombudsman or Ombudsman Service.

6. Multiple documents
There may be a fee, if you want an extra contract.

7. Changes in lease terms
You may have to pay a fee for lease changes and changes to tenant names.

8. Rent increase
Real estate agents and landlords will increase your rent in some cases. Find rents for similar properties in the same area, and use these to negotiate with the landlord.

9. Renewal fee
Be aware that some agents will charge you a renewal fee if you want to renew your lease.
Of course, the above are all possible problems that may arise when renting London student accommodation. I hope everyone can pay attention to them after reading them. Guaranteeing one’s own interests is the most important thing, living safely and studying safely.”

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