Tiger Woods rookie cards: popularity and value

Tiger Woods is a world renowned golfer who has won many championships to his credit. It is quite natural that his numerous fans idolize him. Tiger Woods rookie cards are quite popular with his fans. There’s the Upper Deck Tiger’s Tales 30-card set from 2001 that features this legendary gamer at various stages of his career as a rookie, junior, hobbyist, and ultimately pro. Most of these cards are priced between $ 3 and $ 5. They are generally out of stock in the market, as their demand exceeds supply. The scarcity of this card not only increases its image and popularity around the world, but also generates a premium for the seller.

In light of their worldwide popularity, certain Tiger Woods rookie card sets earn a professional rating from Mint Grading Services. Each card is rated Gem Mint 10, the highest possible rating for a card. The collector of this card must obtain a complete set of the thirty qualifying cards. It is not easy to put together such a set, because these cards are in high demand, and as demand increases, they become rare.

Tiger Woods cards were released in two versions, the Gold Foil version which is very rare and the Gold Ink version which is more common. The gold foil cards were available to those who subscribed to the series and the gold ink cards were sold in a limited number of sets in 1997 and 1998 at various stores. Gold foil cards were made with a gold foil border and a bar on the face of the card. In view of their limited production, they became the rare cards in this series, and consequently the most sought after are the Woods cards of all time.

Champions of Golf -The Masters Collection: Gold Foil Factory Set

This set is made up of 63 cards. It is a compilation of one card from each of the Masters golf tournaments, beginning with Horton Smith in 1934 and includes the 1997 Tiger Woods rookie card. The cards in this game are of very good quality, printed with black ink on white paper and have gold foil trim. This set is manufactured by Grand Slam Ventures.

Tiger Woods Gold Foil Rookie Card:

This card has been rated by PRO Grading Service as a Mint 9 condition card. They were packaged in an attractive and protective clear plastic case. This is the rare Gold Foil version of Tiger Woods’ rookie cards.

Unclassified Gold Ink Version Cards:

This gold ink variety from the 1997 Tiger Woods rookie card was released in boxes that were sold in professional stores and shops. This gold ink variety has the same images as the rare gold foil version, but with gold ink borders and bars.

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