The first kiss: how to win a man’s heart with an unforgettable first kiss

Whether on the first date or the fiftieth, the first kiss always generates excitement and some questions. Should you take the first step or follow their example? What can you do to annoy him and leave him wanting more, before your lips even touch? Remember, the first kiss is always nice, but it can set the tone for the rest of the relationship.

Think twice before taking the first step

Since we are no longer living in the Stone Age, it is completely acceptable to take the first step and kiss him first. However, some men still like to feel like they are in control, even if the relationship is in the early stages. Therefore, if you take the first step, you run the risk of scaring it away. Also, there is nothing wrong with making it work a bit. Either way, as you continue reading, you will see how much you should give him before releasing that first kiss and the subsequent kiss.

It will be light and sweet

First of all, that first kiss should be soft and sweet. Think of Will Smith in the movie “Hitch.” You are more than likely to use the 90/10 rule. It will move 90 percent of the way and give you the last 10 percent of room to seal the deal.

When your lips finally meet, keep them short and sweet. Don’t get carried away, just hold on while he does. Once you walk away, finish it. The pause after the kiss is exactly what you are looking for and generates the tension and anticipation that will drive you crazy.

Don’t make a big deal with the kiss

Continue with the activity that you were doing before the kiss as if nothing. If you were speaking, pick up where you left off and try to prolong the calm. The longer the time frame, the greater the anticipation. If you don’t resist, he will lean in for another kiss. As before, this kiss should be light and you should follow his example, walk away when he does.

As the conversation dies down, there will be a tension in the air that will make you reflect on that third kiss. If you can no longer resist his charm, this would be the time to surprise him. It may surprise you when he approaches you, but his actions are the result of the anticipation that hung in the air from your previous encounters. As their kiss becomes more passionate, you will be able to feel the accumulated tension and you will enjoy every moment.

While joking isn’t pleasant, remember that the longer that passes between kisses, the more tension and anticipation will fill the air. As a result, he will want that kiss more and more.

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