How to Add or Embed a YouTube Video on Your Yahoo SiteBuilder Website

Now if you’re currently using Yahoo SiteBuilder to build your website, then you’ll probably want to put a YouTube video on your website at some point. This why and how you can do it yourself. Video accounts for nearly 60% of the traffic found on the Internet and is viewed by 200 million Americans each month. This is huge! Why is the video so popular? Convert videos. People prefer to watch a video than read a text. For a cup of coffee, sit at your computer and watch and listen. That is why your website must have a video. This article will show you how to embed a YouTube video or any other video that gives you the option on your new website in Yahoo Site Builder.

Step 1: Go to YouTube and find the video you want to embed. If it’s your own video, be sure to upload it to YouTube first by creating a free account. On the page displaying your video, you’ll find a box that says “embed” just below the video description. Next to the word embed, you’ll see the HTML code for that video. It seems that object width = “560” height = “340”…. Click and copy the HTML code.

Step 2: Open Yahoo SiteBuilder and insert a new HTML box. You can go to insert on the top bar or right click and click insert HTML. Once you’ve inserted an HTML box, double-click it and paste your code. You should see numbers in the code that give you the width and height of your video. Note the length and width if necessary.

Step 3: Stretch the HTML box to be slightly larger than the height and width of your video. Move the video to the place you want on the page. Save, publish and go.

If the video doesn’t appear after posting, it might be due to a few things. It may be that you didn’t stretch the HTML box far enough with your mouse, or you didn’t copy all the code from YouTube itself. I hope this article is useful to you.

To view a video on how you can add online video to your Yahoo SiteBuilder website, click the following link:

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