How custom bi-fold doors can help you save space

If you have a wonderful home with a great view of your yard or postcard landscaping stretching out magnificently in front, then you need doors that provide an unobstructed view.

Consider standard options like sliding doors. Apart from the opening, it will always remain covered regardless of whether you use two screens or three screens. French doors just don’t fit large openings. The answer is custom bi-fold doors, especially when the opening is large and an unrestricted view is desired. They save space and give an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

The term bi-fold doors may be a misnomer as, in fact, these doors are made up of several panels that fold like an accordion or concertina into a compact group of panels that do not take up much space and stay neat on one side of the opening. You have a clear vision. Standard panel sizes can range from 24 to 36 inches wide or can be customized to fit the width of the openings, which might be a better option in some cases. Custom bi-fold doors can help save space and the use of matching hardware means they’ll be a joy to operate.

Personalization can take various forms. You can choose to have bi-fold doors with narrow or wider panels to accommodate design considerations and the aesthetics of how the door will look when fully closed. Narrow panels give a good look, but in some cases one may want a less obstructed view, in which case wider panels serve the purpose. The cost will also vary. Obviously, more panels lead to higher cost, but the advantage is that opening and closing the diptychs will be easier when the door has narrow panels and they take up less space.

Where there are glass doors, the question of curtains or blinds always arises. Once again, customization helps when you choose double-glazed panels with built-in shutters that are fully sealed on the inside and can be opened or closed by sliding a magnetic latch. These integrated bi-fold doors also help save space and present a neater appearance. Then there are the small details that the installer and fabricator will take care of, such as the use of quality slide rails, pivots and hinges that integrate seamlessly into the aluminum frame. Another issue that requires customization is whether to place the track on top or bottom. It is best to consult a reputable door supplier and installer and get a site inspection for a custom fit.

Bi-fold doors are not intended just as a division between inside and outside. They can also be used indoors to good effect as space savers between rooms. A larger opening can be had without the inconvenience of large door panels creating obstructions in tight spaces.

Bi-fold doors have several advantages, such as ease of use, fully opening a room to the outside, security with the right hardware set, and energy efficiency. These benefits can be further enhanced by customizing folding panels along with glazing and hardware accessories.

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