Fishing Tackle Review: The Hardy Marksman Specialist 11 ‘Avon Smuggler Rod

If you are an avid fisherman who also has a job that requires a lot of travel, you may not have enough time with your rod and reel. Most standard rods are difficult to transport due to their long sections. Well, I would like to share some information that I have discovered about a great rod from Hardy that solves the transport problem very well: the Avon Hardy Marksman Specialist 11 ‘Smuggler Rod. This is what I know about this cleverly designed fishing tackle.

About the Hardy Marksman Specialist 11 ‘Avon Smuggler Rod

Hardy’s skilled designers have really gotten it right with a rod specifically designed for traveling anglers. This versatile and well-made rod assembles and disassembles quickly. No functionality has been sacrificed for the compact design. The compact Marksman Specialist performs as flawlessly as the full-size reeds in the Hardy line. Hardy has smoothed out the action a bit to make sure the rod supports refined tackle and lighter lines. With superior and much faster casting and hitting performance, in part due to its high modulus carbon construction and lightweight Fuji SIC line guides, this is an excellent rod.

Hardy Marksman Specialist 11 ‘Avon Smuggler Rod Key Features

What I particularly like about this rod is that when disassembled, the sections are only 89 cm (2 ft 11 in), so I can store it anywhere, including the overhead bins of aircraft and the trunk of my compact car . When I arrive at my destination, it is very simple to put it together and quickly be ready to employ a variety of fishing techniques, including long trot and long trot fishing. I have also found the shooter specialist to be ideal for spinning or light sea fishing.

More about this sturdy rod

I appreciate that the Hardy Marksman Specialist rod comes in a high performance Cordura nylon protective tube and is further protected by an unconditional lifetime warranty. With so many superior features, the rod is perfect for short fishing sessions. The great parabolic action gives me all the control I need. The ground carbon spigot joints lend more than enough strength to the rod. All these characteristics converge to make this an excellent rod for fishing. It also has lightweight aluminum caps and a custom-designed anodized aluminum spool pin. Rounding out this impressive list of features is a bolt-on hood. The rod’s lighter weight makes it perfect for fishing in both fast-flowing rivers and calm waters. If you’re a lover of classic Hardy Avon rods like me, you’ll notice that they have retained much of the functionality of those revered rods by using modern materials and manufacturing techniques at the shooter specialist. This is an exceptionally well balanced rod with many cutting edge features.

In the final analysis, I must say that the Avon Hardy Marksman Specialist 11 ‘Smuggler Rod is a great piece of fishing tackle to have in your arsenal.

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