How to draw a car step by step – Learn how to draw a car easily here

I love drawing cars, it’s a great feeling to see one of your drawings that looks real on a piece of paper. But my drawings looked terrible until I found a guide on how to draw a car step by step. If she’s ever sat down and looked at one of her drawings and seen wonky lines, bad proportions, and something that doesn’t deserve to be labeled a car, then I’ve got some advice for you!

Now I am not going to reveal all the secrets that I learned in the guide on how to draw a car step by step, but I will tell you one of the processes that I use now.

1. Draw side view

Create a side view of the car you want to draw. Take your time with this because it will be the basis of your drawing, if there is something wrong here it will be hard to fix later. Use a light pencil, take your time, and be patient. Even professionals take their time to create great drawings!

2. Project perspective

Now choose a point on the page that you want to use as your perspective. Project lines from all points in your side view, such as the corners and indentations of the body. Make sure these lines are straight, use a ruler and a light pencil once again.

3. Create a 3D view

At this point, you’ll choose a distance from the side view along its projected lines to begin drawing the perspective view. It should look like a copy of your side view, which has been scaled down a bit. Once again, take your time and make sure you get it right.

4. Connect the dots!

Obviously, you will now draw the lines between the two side views of your car. Just like connecting the dots! Now add as many small structural details as you can. Then we move on to the hard part…


This step is the most time consuming part in the step by step instructions for drawing a car, depending on how good you want it to look. You will need to use a variety of different pencils to achieve the contrast of tones needed for a nice metallic look. To get this right, I suggest you go outside and watch the light play on the cars and imagine it in black and white. Apply this to your drawings and it will be easier to consider what your car should look like. Remember to leave the highlights of your car unshaded to use the natural white of the paper to create that bright look.

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