Will eating lemons help me conceive a boy or a baby boy? I’ll tell you

Last night, I received an email from a woman who wanted to conceive a child or a baby. He had heard from his aunt that they eat lemons, drink lemonade, and eat lemon-flavored products: yogurt, pudding, jelly sweets, etc. it would help her conceive a boy. I wanted to know if this advice was true, and if so, would other citrus fruits, such as oranges, also apply? I will address this in the next article.

The reasoning behind Auntie’s advice is that Auntie assumes that lemons will alkalize her body. Since being alkaline or having a low PH stimulates the sperm chromosomes that help form males, the aunt assumes that eating many of these types of foods will help stimulate and maintain optimal PH.

Many people reading this are likely to think, “No, that’s wrong. Lemons and all citrus fruits are acidic. This is why you are not supposed to consume too much and why it can erode the enamel on your teeth.” And all of this is true. On the surface, citrus foods have a high PH. But lemons are one of those foods that are initially acidic, but then turn alkaline when metabolized later. (On a side note, this is not always going to be true. It only applies when the fruit is picked when it is ripe. If it is picked when it is unripe or green and then changes once it is in the grocery store, then otherwise it would happen and it would actually be digested as acid). Also, this applies to many other fruits and vegetables. Some examples are things like some apples, mangoes, and peaches.

And there are many other foods besides these that read as alkaline in your body. This is not just limited to fruits and vegetables. Walnuts are also a good option. But, due to the recent trend of fasting and cleansing, most people are more aware of the fruits.

So I guess the short answer to the question is that lemons may be a food that would help the writer to become more alkaline (although I would advise you to check your reading before you start as it might not be necessary). It would not be a good idea to consume the juice sweetened with sugar or the by-products such as yogurts or puddings. These are processed foods that should be avoided. People sometimes mistake it for douching as well, which is another method of changing PH. Douching with lemon juice and water would produce a completely different result and is probably not the best idea in this situation.

And douching and food aren’t the only things to consider when conceiving a child. You also want to cut down on time. To encourage men to produce sperm that I talked about earlier, you must have sex at the end of your ovulation date.

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