Take it easy: life is nothing but a dream

Have you ever noticed the little ones who run after birds or are fascinated by soap bubbles? They think they can catch those birds … The events of life and happiness are illusory in the same way … we are chasing them because we don’t know that they are temporary like those soap bubbles. You definitely need to enjoy and appreciate everything you have, especially family, friends, work, the house, even if it is rented, look for beauty in everything because everything you have today will be replaced by something else in a week. , month, year or in a few years.

When you are in your twenties you wonder how your teenage years passed quickly and that now you cannot do what you could do in those years, then you don’t have time to think about your age until you are in your thirties when you are horrified by that. You will soon be in your forties, but that doesn’t bother you so much since you’re past fifty. At fifty, you think about your retirement, you worry about your children, your future, and you notice that you have developed health conditions that lead to midlife crisis. That’s when you start to think that you could have planned your life better or saved a little more. In your mid-fifties, you realize that your years flew by while you were raising your children and now you are gradually getting behind the scenes and your children are coming to the front seat in life. They are the drivers and sometimes they give you directions. You look back and feel that life is like a dream …

As I sing the rhyme ‘row, row, row in a boat …’ to my grandson, it makes a lot more sense now than when I learned it in kindergarten.

No one is permanent anywhere. When you have the job, it is important to act like an ant, except for rainy days. There is no security in life. Security is within you. I have chosen to enjoy time with my grandson. I know this won’t last long; he will soon go to school and have his interests. Then I will find something else to enjoy and contribute.

Take life easy, step by step. Learn to appreciate and value everything you have. It’s okay to have high goals, ambitions, and pursue your interests. They will generate creativity and imagination, but choose to avoid frustration, anger, jealousy, sadness, fear of each and every negative emotion. Try not to compare yourself to anyone else because each of us is a unique current flow. I learned this when I was in high school. It is not worth thinking about something that is so insignificant in the macro perspective of life. We all have our own strengths.

While driving on a highway, you cannot compare your car with another on the street in terms of model, color, speed or destination. We must all follow the rules, respect another driver, and drive to our destination. Life is exactly the same. Each of us has our own path in life; we have to follow the rules: extend dignity and respect to each individual who comes into our life because no one is permanent on this earth. You and I are just a passing phase !!

There is always one person better than another in life due to a variety of reasons, perhaps financially better, had a great role model, teacher, or some advantage over the other. Not everyone can or needs to be number one. Life is not a competition. When you develop this awareness, I guarantee that you have learned to LIVE and can live a stress-free life. Your physical and mental health will improve. You will live within your means and you will be more at peace with yourself. Our life is for us to live, not to run!

Living is enjoying, appreciating, experiencing inner peace, and appreciating with a sense of gratitude.

In today’s world, where competition has taken the lead in all aspects of life, it is no wonder that stress is high and human health is affected worldwide: there is an increase in medical conditions, which which results in high insurance costs, then there are policies on who gets the doctor and who doesn’t.

What if you earn less than someone else? What if you missed a game? What if you didn’t see a movie? Do not miss anything. Learn to LIVE life!

With advances in technology, although it is an extraordinary invention of our time, we must limit our use of them and learn to spend quality time with family face to face. Make it a point to meet once a month, whether it’s with family or friends. Take a vacation every four to six months. Spend your time in your backyard or in the park. If you live in an apartment, spend an hour on the balcony. If you don’t have one, create a quiet area, perhaps with a small water feature and dim lighting to relax.

Take the time to talk to a young child or an older child. Take the time to listen to an older person speak regularly. They can be parents, uncles and aunts, or any close senior member you know. I did that with my mother, who was in her 80s every Friday night for two hours. It motivated her to share, to expel emotions, and in the process it relaxed me. I learned more about and from my mother during that time than ever. I learned a lot about her experiences in life, the lessons she learned, the relationships she cherished, her regrets, her dreams, her ambitions, her accomplishments, and more. One day he went to bed and did not wake up in the morning. She was gone forever. She did not have any medical conditions. What a way to live and get out of this world!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but be sure to relax every day, every week.

Learn to accept obstacles, impediments, obstructions, and challenges. It is part of life, like a tiger hunting a deer. It’s just nature. We cannot feel sorry and try to protect the deer. There is no one on this earth without challenges. Each one experiences a different one from yours. That is why the support group is very helpful so that each member experiences a similar challenge and can relate to each other.

Once you understand that ‘Life is just a dream’, everything is inconsequential except your peace of mind. So row, row, row a boat, GENTLY down the river!

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