Stop my Yorkie from chewing on everything An understanding of the problem

First of all, it’s not really a yorkie chewing problem. It is your Yorkshire terrier instinct to chew what is natural for them. They are not doing it to annoy you, but because it is normal for them. Like when a baby wants to put everything in his mouth. Make sure you never hit or severely punish your Yorkie for doing what comes naturally to him.

What you, as a teacher, should do is teach the Yorkie what is okay to chew and what is not. By providing your puppy with many varieties of chew toys (be sure to stay away from sharp ones), you are incorporating ways in which he will understand what is right to chew on and what is not. When your yorkie has chewed on the ends of his chew toys, they should be discarded. Don’t swap your puppy with cheap chew toys. They will easily break or chew in a matter of days.

There are also ropes that are designed for your pup to chew on, but watch them carefully as they are destroyed, you don’t want your yorkie to drown, take them as soon as you see the signs. Having a chew toy on hand at all times will allow you to quickly correct when you chew on something you are not supposed to do. Firmly tell your puppy “NO” and proceed to give him his chew toy. Reward him when he starts chewing on his chew toy with a treat, or praise him.

If your puppy likes to bite you or the kids in the middle of a play session, immediately pause all play and say ouch! In your mind, you should begin to learn that biting is not acceptable. Some dog chewing problems can be easily corrected with just the right intelligence. Keep items like shoes in locked cabinets, all children’s toys in the trunk, books, and other items should be kept out of the puppy’s reach. If you see a tempting item that your puppy likes, take the appropriate action.

Praising and rewarding your puppy will help to better understand what not to chew and what to chew on. You will start to wonder where your goodies and good guys are when you are chewing on the corner of the couch and you will understand that it is wrong.

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