Shopping for lingerie after tummy tucks

One of the fun experiences for patients who have healed from their tummy tucks is going lingerie shopping. If you’re planning a tummy tuck, you can probably relate to this experience. With a sagging, sagging tummy, shopping for lingerie probably hasn’t been much fun in the past. Seeing your pre-op reflection in the dressing room mirror can be downright daunting if you don’t like the way your midsection looks. Once you have a flat stomach, your curves will look better than ever and shopping for new lingerie can be very exciting. Bringing your boyfriend or husband can add to the adventure.

when to buy
If you plan to have your tummy tuck procedure soon, you may be anxious to go shopping even before your operation. That’s not the best idea because you won’t know what your figure will actually look like until it’s fully healed. Part of the recovery process after this operation includes wearing compression garments and draining fluids. You will not be able to get the full effect until the healing has taken place. Tummy tucks take a couple of months to fully recover.

who to bring
It’s fun to bring a friend or partner who will share in your lingerie shopping celebration after your tummy tucks have healed. You can take them into the dressing room with you or model the lingerie for them. Lingerie stores often have comfortable seating for shoppers’ companions. Some shops offer champagne or wine. During your shopping spree, you may want to browse negligees, stuffed animals, and other sneaky items. After your surgery, all of these garments will look more flattering than ever.

Where to buy
While you can find reasonably priced lingerie at chain stores and discount outlets, it’s a pleasure to shop at high-end boutiques, at least initially. Buying your first tight underwear after your tummy tucks have healed should be the party that it is. After the initial celebratory shopping event, you can go to the discount places but enjoy a pretty setting that offers lace lingerie in all the colors of the rainbow. Bring your friend, have a sip of champagne and enjoy your new figure.

After tummy tucks, lingerie shopping can be fun for the first time. Looking in the mirror at your flat tummy reflection and having your friend or partner along for the ride will be something you will always remember. This might be the first time you really love the way your body looks in lace.

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