Samsung Omnia HD – The perfect choice for everyone

There are many mobile phones on the market. With many brands available, choosing the right phone has been proven to be a tough job. However, we know that Samsung is a great brand that produces super cool phones for all of us. Look at the Omnia HD which is new on the market.

With a huge 3.7-inch touch screen, Samsung Omnia is one of the best looking large touch screen mobile phones. Also known as the Samsung i8910 HD, this is the phone you need for all your business or personal use.

Why? It has an amazing 8MP camera for your professional use. You can take as many photos as you like anywhere and anytime. You can choose 8 GB or 16 GB internal memory for your phone. Yes, this phone comes in two versions at different prices. If neither 8 GB nor 16 GB is enough, you can expand up to 32 GB of memory.

You should know that 3.5G is included. 3.5G lets you do more, like connect to the Internet using HSDPA or WiFi. This is the age where we need to work quickly and efficiently. Samsung Omnia HD allows you to check emails at any time and reply directly. There is no reason to lose email this time.

Of course, that’s not all. The most important feature of all is HD. You can shoot HD videos with the 8MP video camera and immediately share them with anyone. It runs on Symbian S60 5.0 operating system and hence should run smoothly and without any issues.

It’s nothing like the iPhone but, again, it’s worth a try. The design is pretty dated, but that’s nothing compared to the features. If you are looking for a business phone, you might as well give it a try.

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