BJJ Manifesto eBook Review

What is?

BJJ Manifesto is a BJJ ebook course by Matt Arroyo and Rob Kahn.

Who are they?

Rob Kahn – Earned his black belt from Royce Gracie, he is the head instructor for Gracie Tampa Matt Arroyo – He was one of the fighters who wrestled for Team Matt Serra in Ultimate Fighter (Season 6). Arroyo earned his black belt from Rob Kahn in 6 years.

What is the course about?

Generally, the course focuses on tactics and strategies that you can use for BJJ or MMA, rather than techniques.

Below is a summary of what you can find in the ebook:

Chapter 1

• • Strategy on how to cause or wait for the opponent to make a mistake and how to capitalize on it

• • 3 ways to make the mistake: for example, forcing the mistake by using pressure (for example, pressure with the shoulder when in the upper position of the lateral control)

• • Interesting topic on how to establish a pattern and then break it “broken rhythm”

Episode 2

• • Training structure

• • Discuss how to train, repetition of movements, assess your strengths and weaknesses

Chapter 3

• • Position Specific Strategies

• • Show strategies from guard, mount, half guard, side mount (control), rear mount

• • Attack and defense strategies are covered

Short embedded videos are added to illustrate some of the key concepts taught. Note that there are a couple of bonuses included in the course, which are video tutorials called Goofy Guard, Guillotines Revealed, and Advanced Back Attacks. You’ll also get one month of free training at Gracie Tampa North.

My point of view I certainly learned a lot from him. This is definitely different from the usual BJJ instructions that focus on techniques. I found the book to be a real eye opener and makes you think on another level. I think BJJ Manifesto has upped my game. However, I think this is not for newbies, and would be more suitable for fighters who have at least 6 months of experience, up to purple belt level.

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