A life of meaning and responsibility

We must create our own meaning and take responsibility for ourselves. With that said. I start this article: Today I was having an early morning conversation with my mother about past pain and trauma in my childhood. Although it was mostly one-sided, and I was letting it go completely once and for all, I realized that if so, it’s up to me. Especially when I seriously quote luminaries like Calvin Coolidge (on persistence) and Mark Spitz (on work ethic) almost all the time, now. Think about it, nothing replaces perseverance and a great work ethic, not even “natural temper” or “good looks to help you get ahead.” Don’t just read what I’m saying, listen to what I’m saying, especially “those who have it all on a silver platter, easy” who need a dose of this lesson here.

Sometimes I believe that the true “easy way” comes to the person who is willing to do the hardest things in the best genuine and most meticulous way possible, with every detail and honesty taken care of in every way. On the other hand, the really difficult path comes to those “who have it too easy without fully understanding what they have until after they have misused it.” I took the genuinely real “easy way” as the first example, and that way seems “silly” sometimes to the best and worst of us until it’s “too late”, “after the fact” and all is said and done, Results are accounted for and realities are counted.

A life with meaning and responsibility is always more difficult than going through everything, but I can tell you that it is worth it in every way for anyone who lives it fully and without wanting that “easy way”, even sometimes. What do you think Friedrich Nietzsche really tried to say by “The noble soul has reverence for itself”? A truly noble soul no he wants any part of the “easy dishonesty” and lives for what is real and really good instead of what “looks good.” The reality to be conquered must be genuinely obeyed, even avionics when it comes to genuine airplane flight. Well, I say that life is like that, and that ultimately it cannot be faked, even if apparently and temporarily “we get away with pretending for a while.” So, start thinking: in reality, there is nothing behind to hide. There is definitely nothing to pretend, and reality always catches up with us ultimately. If you do the right thing, there is nothing to worry about. If you do the wrong thing, it will finally catch up with you. Final tip in this article: The only ultimate cheat is in the mirror, and our only best friend, if we do the right thing, is in the mirror.

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