Zumba Calories – How Many Calories Can A Zumba Workout Melt?

Many women and men participating in the different online forums and groups have been raising the question of how many calories are melted by the Zumba dance workout.

This is not surprising given the growing popularity of this dance aerobic exercise program.

What may be surprising is that the number of calories a 45-minute Zumba class burns depends entirely on the person and how hard they train.

However, I would imagine this is true for any kind of exercise.

What makes this unique Latin dance workout so effective is that it uses a scientifically validated exercise protocol that has been dubbed “high intensity interval training.”

Consequently, if you’ve been trying to reshape your entire body, lose pounds and inches, then this type of dance cardio may end up being exactly what you need.

Now mind you, there is nothing magical about a dance aerobic workout. Therefore, what makes this particular form of cardio more effective than others is the interval training that it uses and promotes.

You may not be as informed about this new type of aerobic exercise. If so, let me give you a little information about Zumba.

The mainstream of this workout is the fact that it offers a mix of popular international, Latin, hip-hop tunes and can even include Brazilian type songs.

What makes it so effective?

As mentioned above, his dance workouts use a combination of slow and fast dance tempos to help you melt away fat and improve your body shape. The remodeling component comes through what we could call maracas. What they really are are… toning sticks.

These hand weights are used during a toning exercise to firm up and condition the body. After all, it’s the muscles in your body that actually create the shape and appearance you want.

As mentioned above, how many calories Zumba burns really depends on the intensity level of the individual. Some instructors incorporate kickboxing into their classes, however it is not necessary as dancing itself is a great way to work up a sweat and burn calories.

However, most people will burn between 500 and up to 1,000 calories in a 45-minute exercise session.

They recently introduced a new diet plan that goes hand in hand with dance training.

Here’s the thing, you can exercise your heart and burn as many calories as you want, but if you don’t have the right nutritional program, you can spend an entire hour of cardio in seconds just by eating a chocolate bar.

So, if you’re looking to get maximum calorie burn and reshape your body, a dance aerobic workout combined with the right nutritional program is essential to your success.

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