Women’s Secrets to a Successful Home Business

Five successful women entrepreneurs reveal their keys to success

Women are the strongest influencer in the network marketing industry and even questioning the influence women have in this industry would be totally ridiculous. Women make up 87% of all people in the industry. However, women bring much more to network marketing and direct marketing than just numbers. Women are great at creative marketing, teaching others the skills necessary for success. Women are also great achievers; they implement marketing strategies with clear objectives and personal power. The women use their natural parenting skills to build strong and lasting business relationships.

Men have the same opportunities for success in the direct marketing industry, and some may even use some of the same skills as women in a home-based business, but women have many unique challenges that men don’t. We have personal problems with women, pregnancy, emotional changes, hormones, building a family, being a wife and a mother, sometimes leaving the children there with a nanny while the child cries so that the mother does not leave. While building a career, these are changes that men in general have no idea about, or what it’s like to deal with all these issues at the same time.

We women overcame these challenges and are still very successful. For years, women have had to choose a career or a family, or try to juggle both. Now there is a better option for women. Direct Marketing opens the door for women to have a successful professional career and still have the family and family time they desire. Since women are naturally multi-tasking oriented, the women featured here can spend quality time with kids and family, fun activities, and time to earn lots of money from their home-based businesses. Without ever having to leave our families, we can be the mother and wife we ​​want to be and still have time for ourselves.

In the direct marketing industry there are principles that are key factors in building and achieving a successful home business and preventing family business failure. Home business failure occurs when people quit. If the company you work with goes under, don’t go under with it, restructure your business and continue to chase your “why,” your overall bottom line. You must overcome all the adversities and obstacles that stand in your way to success. You have to identify the lifestyle you want to live and what you are willing to do to make it happen for yourself. You have to identify your desires, what you are focused on achieving as a result of having a successful home based business. What do you really want to achieve with your life?

What is your passion that moves you to take action? Personal growth and personal development are very necessary to grow personally and financially. Always striving to move forward with persistence, but balancing your life, it becomes an exciting adventure expanding your personal potential to the fullest. Women who balance home business, home, family, and still make time for themselves are more diligent than others without balance. I want to share the personal stories of 5 amazing women who are successful in the direct marketing industry, including myself. All of these women work as part of a great team leading and teaching each other to be successful in their own personal businesses as well as enjoy as much time as they want with their families and personal lives.

Jody, Ontario

After being blessed with a healthy baby girl, I made the decision that I needed to find an opportunity that would allow me to be home and raise my daughter. I am a social worker (MSW), I had a career in child protection for 18 years and I did not want my child to be cared for or stored in day care. I found the direct selling industry in September of 2005 and joined some successful entrepreneurs who guided me through the process. As someone driven by success, there was no reason not to take advantage of this opportunity. The learning curve was great as I was not familiar with the language or marketing, web design, etc. I’ve juggled a full-time job, parenting, private practice, being a wife…and managing my home. I did it because I was focused on getting what I desperately wanted: to be able to enjoy every day with my daughter. I have always been goal focused and have never “settled” in my life for less than I deserved. I am in a very privileged position where I can empower people every day to make decisions that change their lives. I think this is just an extension of what I have always done in the social work profession: help people! To success and changing lives!

Mona, British Columbia

Entrepreneurship is in my blood, I guess: I watched my dad grow a million-dollar company from scratch, with very little education, a lot of hard work, and focus. He takes all the good in it and learns to remove limiting beliefs: for example, that the work has to be hard and that there is a recipe for success.

I think persistent would be the best word to describe me. Coming from my background in the beauty industry, I enjoyed the creative side more than the business side. However, I learned that there are definitely things that you need to focus on in order to be successful in any business. First of all, for me, I have to have a very strong feeling about what I stand for. The products and the company. I have to know that I am going to leave people with much more in use value than what they pay for in dollar value. So I can put my head on the pillow at night and sleep well. Then of course I feel that success requires the right environment, the right supportive environment, one where you are encouraged and supported in your training and skill set on an ongoing basis. And on top of all that, personal responsibility is required. I’m human just like the rest of us and when things have come up in my life that are challenging, I’ve been good at resisting, denying and procrastinating…but really meeting the challenge or obstacle head-on and learning from it creates the best. personal growth and progress.

Putting all these things together, with the company I represent and the team of professionals, like-minded people I do business with every day, gives me the perfect environment for success. As a work in progress, I still have mountains to climb, but I also have the best tools by my side. PS Hiring a personal trainer has been a great tool in my toolkit and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to reach great heights.

irene, ontario

I am sitting in my easy chair in my beautiful outdoor room. The sun covers me as I experience the nature that surrounds me in my own backyard. The time… 11 am! Can you believe it! I am lucky to have found the opportunity to help myself create the life I want instead of living the life that was happening to me. Did you get that? IT HAPPENS TO ME! Now I create my life through me. Total control. Very empowering. When others complain about the workweek, deadlines, negative employers, I am excited, inspired, and wanting to help others follow my lead. I love to connect with others from my heart and offer them this opportunity to “reinvent themselves” as I have.

My personal growth and personal development has been truly miraculous. I have come from a place where I had lost myself, my identity to what was expected of me, to empower myself to choose my path, to design my perfect life. As a mother of 3 beautiful daughters, I am very grateful to have been able to show them that they can be the creators of their destiny, that abundance abounds and being prosperous is a decision. This is the greatest gift I will ever leave you. Passion moves people to action and they have walked this journey with me through my passion to bring you a life of freedom and joy. That has been and always will be the reason I started my own business. I have shown you the courage to follow your dreams without judgment, to be free to make decisions and to be connected with your inner guidance. As George Eliot says: “It is never too late to become what you could have been!”

Carol, Utah

I’ve been in direct marketing for just over a year. I started looking for something to generate an income to replace the one-off income I was used to making. I’ve been in medical office management for 25 years, but I was ready for a change. I was working more hours than I was at home, and then expected to be available for the remaining hours. The healthcare field, being the ever-changing field that it is, created more demands on my time and lifestyle. I then adopted two very young granddaughters and felt a greater importance of being home. Thus began the search. I have found so much more with Direct Sales than just a great income opportunity. I found myself. I discovered that life is about joy. It’s about service. It’s about supporting each other. It is about reaching beyond one’s limits, or perceived limits, and finding character, self-esteem, and peace. I am grateful every day for this experience, as well as for my association with others in this industry. Today laughter is no longer a foreign sound to my ears.

Husband, Washington

After graduation I went to work in the telecommunications industry, shortly after starting my career in technology I took over the industry, I lost my job. At that time I was very devastated and did not know what a true blessing it was. I became a domestic engineer. I had so many convictions and passion for my new career and was greatly appreciated for the great job I did. But I soon learned that I had the most demanding and low-paying career in America. I definitely needed more in my life, but I wasn’t about to give up my family that I love and adore being with every day.

One day my husband found The Direct Marketing Industry on the Internet and introduced me to it. Wow, it’s everything I wanted in a business, I don’t have to give up my family for a career, I’ve been very successful in my new business and the biggest part is that I’m a partner with my wonderful husband and we’re honored. work side by side for a few hours a day. The rest of my time is spent on Karate, Soccer, Fishing, Camping, or just whatever we decide we want to do.
With the knowledge, mindset, skill set, and financial opportunities I gained from this home business opportunity, I will never have to work for someone else again. Balancing family, fun and home business time is important to running a successful home business, it can be done with little effort. We do what we want when we want and if we choose our business goes with us. My favorite part is that I will never miss a moment of my daughter’s life and no one else will raise her. We can spend great quality time together doing fun things, especially watching sunsets together. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

I’d like to thank these amazing women entrepreneurs for helping me share five principles needed to build and maintain a successful home-based business.

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