Using olive oil to shave with an electric razor

Using electric shavers for men on its own is already an environmentally friendly option as, unlike disposable razors that you throw away after each use, the electric shaver can be used over and over again and can last a lifetime. life.

However, you can go further with your electric shavers for men and with the care of the environment. Almost everything now is about going eco-friendly or using natural organic materials, which is why even the most personal tasks (including shaving) are now on Mother Nature’s side. Using olive oil as a lubricating substance, rather than using commercial shaving creams or foams, is now what many people do, not only because olive oil has health properties, but also because it tends to be less expensive than using oil lubricants. commercial shaving.

In this article you will learn how to wax with olive oil. Here are the steps to get the best result when using olive oil to shave with an electric razor.

Choose your oil. Not all olive oil is the same. Certain types of olive oils are intended for cooking. Others are intended for ingredients in certain solutions. Make sure you are using only virgin olive oil, particularly the extra virgin type, as other types have undergone chemical processing and would no longer be 100% organic.

Lubricate your skin with the oil. Pour some oil into a bowl, dip your fingers in the oil, and then gently rub them on your skin. This is done to lubricate your skin and prevent you from cutting yourself while shaving. Since olive oil hydrates your skin, you don’t need to apply an aftershave lotion.

Start shaving. Apply a generous amount of oil to the areas of the skin to be shaved. The oil will make those areas have a smoother surface. Then use your electric razor to shave the desired areas.

If you think your skin is too dry, apply more oil after shaving; that is, use it as an aftershave. It is bad advice to use commercial products and lotions because they often have parabens as an ingredient. This chemical has been identified as a potential carcinogen or carcinogen.

Start and finish with olive oil. Once you’re done, dip your razor blade in oil. It is better to use olive oil than water if you clean it. Without the oil film that protects the blade, the preservative-free finish will cause the blade to rust and tarnish faster, which means the blade will dull faster. You can even use olive oil to clean and maintain your electric razor. Simply dip the razor blade in oil and then wipe the hairs with a clean cloth or piece of toilet paper.

Through these tips, you are sure to have an all-natural, mother-nature-friendly shaving routine with your electric razors for men. You can even share these tips with your friends and family. Who knows, even the simplest of acts can do even more for the environment.

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