Use locker organizers to maximize time and space

To use a locker effectively, you need to treat it as a comforting and useful space, a space to turn into a secure home base. This isn’t just for students and their school lockers; Lockers are also frequently used to organize personal inventory in the office and gyms. A properly set up and maintained locker will help you stay organized and make the most of your time and space.

The last thing you want is to be in a rush only to allow your locker to slow you down even further and add to your stress. You shouldn’t need to waste time searching through it, and it should be set so that it doesn’t accidentally knock things over or get out of reach. The right locker organizer will help you prevent these stressful situations.

Hanging Locker Organizers

In recent years, hanging locker organizers have become a common and practical solution for many people trying to organize their space. These organizers will generally be made of a more flexible fabric and will feature a large number of separate and assorted pockets and holders for your things. They tend to resemble large, bifold purses, and even include a clear section for mirrors. They hang from a coat hanger or from your locker door.

stackable organizers

A more traditional option with modern refinements are locker organizers that stack or expand. They help you separate and isolate your items. For example, in a gym locker, you probably don’t want your stinky sneakers sharing the same open space as your toiletries. Some of these come in the form of shelves and are great shelves for a student’s textbooks and folders.

Magnetic storage boxes

One last locker accessory to integrate into your locker organization routine is a small magnetic storage box. This box will stick to metal surfaces like the side or door of a locker, or even the ceiling of your locker, which can actually make sense in some clever setups. These boxes tend to be small, but because they’re out of the way and can be moved as needed, they’re a highly flexible storage device for things like keys, jewelry, calculators, and even pens and pencils.

All of the organizers I’ve described here can be found at most discount centers, department stores, or specialty office supply stores. Before you rush out and buy any of these, assess the size and shape of the locker to be organized and what exactly you will need to organize within it.

Don’t underestimate the value of a well-organized locker. When you put together the right set of locker organizers, you’ll find yourself much more secure, efficient, and faster. So learn how to maximize your locker space to maximize your day.

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