Update: changes to Australia’s carry-on baggage rules

Okay, please advise if you are traveling around or to or from Australia from June 30th, new rules will come into play to protect us, new rules may affect your baggage plans.

Other countries are also introducing similar rules on gunpowder for flying, so keep an eye out for travel news.

Below is a quick overview of the rules for carrying products, including any new updates.

Airline security is classifying powders into two groups; organic and inorganic.

350ml or 350g restrictions apply to “INORGANIC” powders.

There are no restrictions on “ORGANIC” powders.

All powders must be safely presented together with the usual gels, sprays and liquids.

As we all know (I hope), you can only carry liquids, sprays and gels in containers up to 100ml in size in your carry-on luggage.

Liquids, sprays, and gels must be packed in a clear, zip-lock plastic bag (Take a look at the elephant-striped hanging toiletry bags that come with a handy removable clear plastic compartment!).

New rule: ‘Inorganic powders’, that is, salt (really?), Talcum powder and sand (yes!). You will be limited to 350 ml or 350 g per person.

Rule of difference: ‘Organic powders’ are things made from living matter, examples include most protein powders and baby formula. However, ALL powders must be safely presented (although they do not need to be in a clear bag).

Tax-free purchases in a sealed bag can be carried on board. However, if you have layovers during your flight, you may have restrictions when you re-board … buyer beware!

Of course, there are exceptions for baby products, medical items (prescription and non-prescription), and dietary requirements (though they still need to be looked at).

Hope this helped clarify the rule changes so you don’t get caught. It’s always good to have a reminder of the basic carry-on rules.

Many people now prefer to travel with carry-on luggage just because it gives a feeling of freedom, but the carry-on rules are more subject to change, so it’s important to keep an eye out for updates.

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