Tracking the sender of the text message – find out exactly who sent you that SMS text message

It is 11:47 pm on a Friday night. When you enter your long black driveway, your cell phone alerts you to a new message. You immediately see the message. Your heart begins to pound. “I’m watching you, “read the message …

Has something similar ever happened to you?

It may not have been as horrible as this example, but many people receive harassing or mysterious text messages. You can choose to ignore the messages or you can track who is sending you these text messages and end them.

How can I track the sender of a text message?

See the message on your phone. Look for the sender’s 10-digit phone number, usually located above the body of the message. Write down this phone number as you will need it to track the sender.

Tracking the sender of the text message …

Follow these three steps to find information about the sender:

  1. Seeker – Search Google or Yahoo for the phone number of the sender of the text message in XXX-XXX-XXX format. Review the results. If you notice other message complaints from the same number, it is probably just a bulk text message spammer, nothing to worry about as they are not specifically directed at you. You can find forums or profiles where the phone number has been posted online. Look for the author of these, as their username can give you a clue as to their identity.
  2. Call or text the number – Be careful here! If the SMS message was harassing or illegal in nature, you may not want to do this. However, if you think the message was a prank from your friend, calling or texting the phone number can be helpful in identifying the sender.
  3. Text message tracking report – While this is not widely known, you can buy a report for under $ 15 that will tell you the owner’s name, address, and lots of other information on any cell phone number. This information will allow you to know, without a doubt, who sent you the text message. It can prove invaluable when your concern is directed at the person, reported to authorities, or simply reassured.

Put an end to the problem …

Often letting the sender know that YOU knowing that your identity is enough to stop them. A text message tracking report includes information about your household, other household members, etc. Use this information to your advantage. Most senders of SMS messages will be surprised that you have been able to track so much information about them and will stop sending you messages quickly.

Your safety first

Please, if you feel threatened or feel that you are in danger, call the local police. Do not take matters into your own hands, as it is not worth the consequences.

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