Tiamat’s Revenge [Ch: #2 ‘The Lost Temple’]

Chapter Two

the lost temple

In Yort we had many temples behind the fortress of our city-state, including the temple of Tiamat, who had a stationary one here for many years (inactive for the most part, but not completely), it was near the temple of Marduk, and the One God in three temple. In the Temple of the One God [OGT], we had the Stone of Mesopotamia; had our laws written, my father along with King Tesas I, took it during a battle in the dry country of Mesopotamia, some years ago. We have had many battles in this area of ​​the world to speak of eternity it seems; I myself have witnessed them, and pursued and expelled the enemy from this region. The flat lands of Mesopotamia were also a war zone for many other countries in the past. In battle we almost always fought naked and clean shaven so that the enemy would not pull our hair or beard. We only had a cloth for the nose that covered us.

One day Tiamat would come to recover the stone, of that I am sure, “…for revenge”, my father used to say, adding “…she is just waiting for the right moment”.

Among the temples within the fortress grounds, our city of Yort was the temple of the First World, or better known as the Lost Temple: the followers include the priests who do not know the name of their god. Quite amazing, I thought, praying to a god you had no name to call, something like saying: hello sir, whoever you are, help me kill the enemy in battle. This would seem more like an insult to their god, if I had been their god: and perhaps I would kill them.

Let me clarify this further: my stepfather told me, and I take his words as being true to the letter, that we were, or are living in the time of Leo, which is the constellation in the heavens, I am talking about. Well, just after the great rains destroyed the great city of Atlantis: as I understand it, about 3,000 years ago, at that time, many of the Watchers (the former Angelic Renegades) were thrown into the pit (or the abyss), an underground area enclosed by the Lord, the One God, in which I belong to His temple. In all respects, you have an angel watching over this subterranean Abyss, I understand. And deep within its entrails lie these evil spirits: locked away and chained to its walls. I heard that it stinks with the worst smells and slime created in the entire universe, or body of stars that we can see in the heavens. They left us a legacy of demigods here on earth, and giant sons, and other types of evil spirits. I have seen some of this myself, and I know that this part of the legend is so.

In any case, this is the 4th world order; there will be another called Aquarius, possibly; I dare not want to live in that, in that time, because it will end in fire, my stepfather told me; a time of which is also called the End of Days. My world, my stepfather said, will end in a flood, or winds: how do you know this, I don’t know, maybe you’ll get a second sight; I seem to have something of that nature. The world before us ended in man-eaters, thus taking over the world; and before that, storms and winds destroyed the world. Oh yeah, we’ve been down this road before, that is, mankind. So today Leo is our constellation, tomorrow who knows.

But what I am trying to say with all this is: we have lived in a cycle of time that will have five worlds, which consumes about 125,000 years. Before this time, there was another time, and I don’t know much about it, except for one thing, the One God, for whatever reason, bound angelic forces to a Prison in the heavens, somewhere. They are imprisoned there forever, I think. And as you can see, we have a rich history, humanity does. We just don’t know much about it.

For some strange reason, we have a temple, a very old one, which has outlived all the other temples in Yort; I was told that it was the first one built in Yort: it is located at the end of the fortress, the so-called Lost Temple, and its priests think it was built during the First World Order, of which there are five; also, that their god came from this time: making them the oldest of all temples, even outside of Yort.

Only a few people attend this temple, unlike ours where we have over forty and sometimes as many as sixty people in a meeting. Their temple, “The Lost Angelic Temple”, only the priest exists, which means: they have no followers, only a few priests remain, also, no one has ever seen the only divine being they pray to, as I mentioned before; I think he is a figure of a god. But all other temples have demigods, or their followers, to pray to. Some say that their temple is no different from the temple of One God, because no one has seen my God either. But in his case, no one knows his name, so they pray to a nameless god. Unlike our God, we know his name.

But I’m told that the Tiamat, whose father was a Titan, or Watcher, I think it’s one of the same, I’m not sure, but it’s one or the other, both known as Angelic Forsaken, who were commissioned to watch over the earth by the Lord , my One God, but left their post, the two hundred, and had intercourse with the human race, that is, they cohabited with the flesh, when they were spirit to him for the most part, but could somehow manifest themselves to be clothed of meat. Consequently, Tiamat’s father knew of these beings, for he was the son of a Watcher. And when the holy angel named Ura’el came, it ended the Forsaken empire.

But back to Ura’el, for I am told that this holy angel also knew of the angelic force, or being: to which the priests of the Lost Temple pray. That is to say, the only angelic leader whose name no one seems to know. By the way, somehow the story seems to go a bit like this: Tiamat learned from Lucifer that these angelic forces were imprisoned in a great sea of ​​fire, blazing and burning the air they illuminated. The place stretched out to a great distance in the heavens and looked like great pillars of fire from a distance. He said [he: being Lucifer] it was so big that he could not see the end: the end of the region of fire, nor could he estimate its beginning. And Tiamat was frightened, horrified at the sound of this terrible place, it was even worse than the pit or the abyss, or the underworld, so she told herself. It was called: the Prison of the Angels. The temple priests prayed to these angelic forces–or force [meaning one being, possibly], why I’ll never know, but they did it nonetheless. And they offered to any man, who could find the name of the leader of this angelic force, and prove it beyond doubt, or belief, beyond reservation, a hundred times his weight in gold; a good price for any realm, let alone one person.

Sinned’s gold

I said, I would like to get that gold that he had told me this several times. I’m not sure what I would do with the money, but it would be fun to spend. Semas, our servant, whom my father took while he was on an island in the Great Sea, has served us well; I think he would reward him, yes, that’s something he would do with some of the money. And I bought my mother more plates, and things like that, oh yes, oh yes, she’s had a hard life, and the things that gold could buy from her would serve her well. And for my stepfather she would buy him more orange trees to plant along the Yort canal. I liked that, it’s what my real father and I did, we planted the trees. We had fun doing that when he was eight years old. But I’m not sure why I’m thinking like this now, I’m a soldier on leave, just a soldier resting at my stepfather’s house, in 90 days I must put my armor back on and return to the military life I have chosen. ; as my real father and stepfather had chosen before me. I heard that we will have a campaign in Germania; it will last about four years; all these campaigns last a long time. And therefore, I will not be home for a long time; It would be fun to see if I can win this gold, if not, so be it: if so, I’ll have my adventures doubled, on my next trip.

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