Three Reasons You Need a Book Marketing Plan

A book marketing plan is a critical component to your success as a published author.

However, many authors tend to skimp on taking the time to put one together.

On the one hand, they may feel that putting together a marketing plan for your book is time consuming.

However, they may just find the process too confusing.

In this article, you will learn three reasons why you need a book marketing plan if you plan to be successful as an author.

Book marketing is important in developing a strategy for your books to reach the right readers. It is important to know exactly how you plan to read your books.

1. A smart marketing strategy will help you define the opportunities that are available to you in your chosen book niche. You will be able to identify these opportunities because you will have to do your research as you make your plan. This research may include locating book clubs that read books in your niche, finding magazines where you can possibly advertise your book, etc.

2. A book marketing plan will help you be clear about your target audience. Your target audience is out there; and they are just waiting to read your book. Your job is to find that audience and be in front of them. Developing a marketing plan will help you figure out who that target audience is by having them conduct market research. Market research helps you create a customer avatar. A customer avatar is a fictitious person that you believe symbolizes the type of person you see yourself working with, or in this case; who do you want to sell your books to.

Being clear about your ideal audience, that is, your readers, will help you have a laser focus on how and what you need to do to reach them.

3. Your book’s marketing plan will help you focus on marketing. Yes, you read that right. Your marketing plan will help you focus on the task at hand; and that is marketing your book. Marketing is very important. If you don’t learn how to market your book, you won’t sell any books, and that’s the truth.

Most authors just want to focus on writing the book and not how they will market it. That is a costly mistake that too many authors make.

Make your plan to focus on reaching the people who are actually searching for your books, and you’ll see an increase in your book sales.

Take the time to work on your plan and, if necessary, contact a marketer to ensure that you are addressing all possible mediums available so that you can reach as many readers as you need.

In fact, putting together a book marketing plan can take a lot of work; however, taking the time to put one together will turn out to be one of the best decisions you could make in your career as an author.

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