The reasons and benefits of soul winning

Why should you go for evangelism? Soul winning is an important part of Christianity. And we must pay attention to it if we want to please God and enjoy the soul-winning benefits He has for us. This publication gives the importance and benefits of reaching souls for Christ.

The Lord does not delay in His promise, as some consider it negligence, but He is patient with us, not wanting any to perish, but for all to come to repentance – 2 Peter 3: 9 (NKJV).

Every Christian is expected to be a soul winner. Unfortunately, many Christians see no reason to make soul winning their business. However, there are many vital reasons for reaching souls for Christ. And understanding these will compel many Christians to make soul winning their way of life.

Importance and benefits of soul winning

1. God ordained it

When Jesus was leaving, he gave us the great commission to go and make disciples of all nations. And the scriptures say that we must obey God’s commandments. This commission is not voluntary but mandatory for all believing Christians.

2. Reconciliation back to Godhead

God has given us the ministry of reconciliation, that we must go and reconcile people to God. And winning souls makes it possible to reconcile men to God. This command originated from the fall of man when Adam sold himself to the serpent. And man was separated from the fellowship he had with God. This is because the man died when Adam and Eve ate the fruit.

So God stepped forward to initiate the arrival of Jesus so that through him men could be reconciled to Him. And it is only through soul winning that people have the opportunity to return to God.

3. Salvation from all evils

When a person receives Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, they receive a total redemption package. Therefore, you are saved in spirit, soul, and body from every attack by the enemy. Therefore, the new birth not only reconciles the person to God, but also brings healing to the body and liberation from all satanic oppressions. That is why people testify that they obtained their healing the day they gave their lives to Christ. Hallelujah, it’s a total package.

4. Sign of your love for God and man

When you love God, you will want to please him. And an important way to please God is to help fulfill His heart’s desire. This wish is to see all men saved. So soul winning is one of the signs that you really love the Lord. For example, Christ told Peter that if he loved him he should feed his sheep.

Once again, if you love your fellow men, you don’t want me to perish in hell. Rather, you will do what you can to save it. So, it’s time to check if you really love that neighbor of yours.

5. Receive answers to your prayers.

The answers to your prayers become very easy when you are a soul winner. This is because Christ said that if you bear fruit that remains, you will receive whatever you ask of the Father in His name.

So soul winning is a quick way to receive God’s desires from your heart. This is because when you please God, He will open His hands and bless you greatly. Remember, when King Solomon gave a thousand burnt offerings, God came down and blessed him greatly.

6. To show the power of God

Soul winning is a wonderful opportunity to show the power of God. This is because when a person is born again, they receive forgiveness of their sins and become a new creation. And old things pass and all are new.

This means that the power of God breaks the hold of darkness over the person, transforms him and turns him into a new man. That is why an evil person at being born again becomes a totally deferential person. And the fornicator loses his thirst for immorality. Then, in the new birth, the power of God moves the individual from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light.

Truly, salvation in Christ is the greatest miracle. However, this transformation will not happen in that individual’s life if no one leads him to Christ.

7. Escape route from eternal damnation and eternity with God

The greatest benefit of accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior is deliverance from eternal damnation in hell. So reaching out to souls and leading them to Christ gives them the opportunity to escape eternity in hell and receive eternity with God.

8. To grow the church of Christ

The scriptures tell us that in the multitude of men a King is honored. In addition, God commands that we go out and gather people so that His house can be filled. This results in a population of the kingdom of God while the kingdom of darkness is depopulated.

God expects His house to be full, and not the streets or joints of the enemy. That is why He works with soul winners, adding so many to the church as to be saved.

Therefore, always pray for unconverted souls and approach them so that they can dwell in the house of God.

9. Birth of a better and peaceful world

Where there are more people in the church than in the enemy’s joints, you will have a better and more peaceful world. This is because God will be in charge of more people’s lives than the devil, resulting in less evil. Then, when more people carry the light of Christ, the darkness will vanish.

Therefore, the world is in its present situation because the children of darkness are recruiting more people for the devil than the church for Christ.

10. Increase your wisdom and success in life.

The scriptures tell us that he who wins souls is wise and those who win souls will shine like stars. Therefore, soul winners accumulate their banks of wisdom as they draw closer to souls for Christ. This is because it takes wisdom from heaven to bring people to Christ. Furthermore, since they are working with the only wise God, they cannot help but become wiser.

Also, converting many to Christ makes soul winners like stars forever. This connotes, among other things, success in life. And just as you are raising God to men, so He will also raise you to men. Therefore, it is wisdom, having understood the importance of winning souls, going out and reconciling men with God.

11. To hasten the coming of Christ

In the process of soul winning, we preach the gospel, giving everyone the opportunity to receive Christ. And as the Scriptures say, when the gospel is preached throughout the world as a testimony to all nations, then the end will come. And then Jesus Christ will return to take His own home. So soul winning facilitates the fulfillment of Scripture, which includes the coming of our Lord Jesus.

Therefore, if your desire is for Christ to come soon, then you need to increase your soul-winning efforts both in prayer and in reaching unconverted souls.

12. Increase your location and rewards in the sky.

God rewards those who diligently seek him and rewards according to our works. And the main work that God has given to Christian believers is the ministry of reconciliation, the great commission to bring people to Christ. Therefore, the more souls you earn, the more rewards you will have. Furthermore, the scripture says that there is joy for a soul that returns. Then, certainly, God will reward those who cause joy in heaven more than those who do not.

Truly, God cannot give the same reward to those who sacrificed their lives for the gospel as to those who did not. For example, will God give the same reward that He gave the Apostle Paul, to someone who was saved but never gained a soul? I do not believe it. Surely our crowns will differ according to the work we did here on earth.

Also, just like in the network marketing business, the more people you bring into the business, the more money you make. So, it will be on that day of reckoning in heaven. Also, just as it takes hard work, persistence, and perseverance to succeed in the network marketing business, so it is with the kingdom of heaven.


Therefore, it is very important that we assimilate soul winning as a way of life. Because blessings are in love both here on earth and in heaven.

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