The message of the pandemic

I feel like this pandemic is the Universe sending us a very direct message when we have been ignoring the signs for too long. It is something like this:

“Whoa! Stop! Just slow down for a fucking minute and look around you.”

“Look what you are doing to Mother Earth. All these emissions are destroying your planet, your environment, your home.

“Look at what you’re doing with your relationships with the people you care about most. Your kids are lonely, desperate for your attention, but you’re too busy working to spend quality time with them. Slow down. Listen to their needs. Pass on.” a few hours gaming, watching a good movie together as a family, talking face-to-face instead of through a device, learning together. Can’t you see they’re suffering from anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders because they’re not getting enough what they really need: your love and attention?

“Look at how the elderly are being treated. Your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, sacrificed so much for you. At a time in their lives when they should be cared for with love and respect, they are being neglected.

“Look at your world leaders. Who are the ones managing this pandemic well, the ones putting the health and well-being of their citizens before their own political aspirations and achievements, the ones managing to save lives? Can’t you see what what the world needs now is to be nurtured, it needs the gentle guidance of a matriarchal society.

“Look at the number of women, children, people of color, and LGBTQ+ people experiencing violence and abuse as certain world leaders try to take away their hard-fought rights and freedoms. What gives anyone the right to judge others? another? What gives anyone the right to treat another badly because they are not the same? God, the Universe, or whoever you think is your higher power, loves all of its children, loves their differences and oneness. How could anyone ever believe that the creator would create a child they didn’t love?

“Look at the number of homeless, the number of hungry, the number living in poverty while the greedy hoard their riches.

“A global pandemic may seem harsh, but it got your attention. Listen to what it’s teaching you, and for God’s sake, when it’s all over, don’t keep repeating the same mistakes. Make the changes necessary for the survival of the human race. You are global citizens. One people. One race. Unite. Don’t forget what’s really important. Be kind to yourself, your loved ones, your fellow humans and your planet. Take care of each other. Stop pointing fingers. the finger and blame and do the right things. Listen to your intuition, your gut feeling. to know the right things.”

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