The main things to consider when buying portable speakers

When it comes to choosing portable speakers, there are thousands of speakers available in many different shapes and sizes. With all the options available, it can be difficult to select the best one. So, we have listed the important things to look for in a portable wireless speaker. This helps you select the perfect ones that offer you good value for money as well as excellent performance, portability and comfort. Let’s take a look at the checklist:

1. Sound quality

The first and most important feature to look for in portable speakers is sound quality. Since portable speakers are small, they compromise the overall volume of the music. Therefore, striking a good balance between speaker size and volume is essential. Drivers must be set to optimal efficiency to allow the system to sound loud. They should produce quality sound, especially when used in a noisy environment.

2. Cost

Portable speakers come with a wide variety of features and thus the price varies accordingly. It is advisable to choose the speaker that offers you good value for the money spent. The more features the speaker includes; most likely he will be expensive. The good news is that many companies are offering well-designed speakers with great audio quality at an affordable price.

3. Battery

The built-in battery function in portable speakers is a great advantage. Although most wireless speakers have built-in speaker batteries, but again, they are not the same. Therefore, having a good speaker battery life is also an essential feature to consider when buying one. Li-ion batteries can provide you with high power with long battery life.


Bluetooth connection has also become a vital feature of portable speakers. The ability to support Bluetooth allows you to stream music from another Bluetooth device directly to the speakers. This offers added convenience and versatility as they can also be used with tablets and smartphones.

5. Speaker size

Size plays a critical role when it comes to speaker portability. Some think that the great ones are not powerful. But these days, even small-sized portable speaker systems are capable of delivering crisp, clear sound quality. So, find the ideal speaker size that suits your needs.


Durability is another feature to look for in portable speakers. Dust-proof and screwless housing is more durable. The robustness is not only limited to appearance, but also gives you peace of mind in unfavorable weather conditions. For example, waterproof speakers are more in demand as you can easily take them anywhere.

7. Additional features

There are many additional features that one requires in a portable speaker. For example, if you are using an NFC-enabled smartphone, you may want an NFC-enabled speaker. This allows you to connect your smartphone with a single touch. Some speakers also come with accessories, such as a woofer, to meet the needs of music enthusiasts. Then there are speakers that can double as a battery bank.

We hope these tips will help you confidently select the right portable speakers.

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