The difference between love and a crush

It happened the moment you met her; it happened in an instant; you weren’t ready and suddenly it started. You met someone, and out of nowhere you can feel that sweet, tender and soft feeling that starts in your heart, the rush of emotion when you are with her. When he looks at you, your heart soars to heights you never thought possible before; when she looks away or at another person, she feels a slight tearing sensation in her heart, until she turns to look at him and he is instantly healed and restored! You spend your nights thinking about her, you can’t sleep. School work is a distraction; the task takes forever; you spend your lessons daydreaming in a reverie. You are in love?

NOT YET. What I have described above is a total crush and it can happen at any time for both boys and girls. It’s exciting, dynamic, transformative, exhilarating, but it’s not really love. So, what is love? These are the differences between a crush and a love:

1. A CRUSH – A crush is very exciting, your emotions go up and down all the time, you cannot think about studying, you cannot sleep at night, you think about the person you love all the time, you are always worried, you are afraid of Let him or her leave you, you cannot always trust him or her, your heart beats fast, a crush does not last long, when it ends, you feel sad, and it always ends.

2. LOVE – Love feels very calm, your emotions are constant, you realize that you can study better than before, you sleep well, you think about the one you love in quiet moments, don’t worry too much, you feel sure that he or she will stay with you, you can trust him or her, your heart beats fast when you want, love lasts long, if it ends, you still feel happy that it happened, it can go on forever, even after of death.

Crushes are not real. Love is real. If you are in love with someone, it means that you do not love him yet. Crushes always end, but they could end up turning into true love, which would be great. However, if this doesn’t happen, the infatuation will likely end pretty badly.

I hope this information helps you understand the difference, so that you can identify true love when you have found it.

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