The Bleach Sword Series – Sajin Komamura and the gigantic Kokujo Tengen

Komamura is a true sword master from Bleach and is more than qualified to keep up with even the levels of Kenpachi, who is arguably among the strongest swordsmen and is considered one of the best captains in the Society of Souls. Due to his enormous stature, Komamura possesses incredible physical power. Being a captain, Komamura also has a considerable amount of spiritual power. When Sajin releases spiritual power from him, it is exactly the same magnitude as his physical power and has the ability to destroy the region in the immediate area, such as the ground directly below him for example. He is quite adept at hiding his spiritual presence by the appearance of his character, and hiding what he feels from other people is a necessity to mask his power from them.

He has shown the ability to use his own spirit presence as a weapon that can push back typical enemies. He can use a simple palm push, without touching them, to defeat them. This was seen when he incapacitated many downed Shinigami soldiers who had traversed Bount Mabashi. Sajin’s bleach sword, the Tenken, appears as a typical katana. The cross guard is a rectangle with a design pattern of vertical lines, with the long sides pinched in the middle.

The overall appearance of the katana is comparable to a square hourglass. The command of the Shikai form is currently unknown. While in Shikai form, Tenken mirrors the fighter’s body movements and along with the way Komamura moves; for example, when Komamura swings his sword, his arms look like a giant disembodied arm while he wields the sword, but it moves at the same rate as his normal arm.

The body parts expand through the Initial Release cycle, and then possess power and attack strength proportional to their size. Sajin’s Bankai Kokujo Tengen Myo’o, of course, has the appearance of being a normal katana. Although in use, Komamura and his katana maintain the glow of spiritual power. His Bankai features the ability to become gigantic up to a hundred meters tall. This sword has defense comparable to Komamura’s, but differs in that it has multiple blades that hang from a thread on its hilt. This transforms the fighter into an armored samurai who can use Sajin’s moves to devastating effect on opponents and cause an incredible amount of devastation. Therefore, his power is far greater than Komamura’s alone. His power is more than enough to take an Arrancar without any damage, allowing him to effortlessly suffocate it with his bare hands. However, his Bankai Bleach Sword has a critical weakness.

If while in mass form, the samurai is damaged in any way, the wounds fall directly on Sajin.

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