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With all the new stadiums and ball parks being built, despite all the factors that go into creating these monstrous places, one thing stands out that makes or breaks the experience: it’s the stadium seats that are installed in these areas and ultimately the comfort it provides for those fans attending the events.

1-Support: You pay $100 for your ticket; Walk into the stadium for the big game to find that your seat has no back. are you kidding? Now you spend the next 4 hours crouched on your knees while your back aches from lack of support.

Space for 2 legs: those who are over six feet tall can have a punishing experience in the wrong ballpark. One of the biggest complaints about stadiums is how tightly packed the lines get together without regard for the long-legged.

3-The heat: The choice of color in your stadium chair can cause excess heat to be absorbed by the sun. If a trip to the bathroom means that when you return your chair is hot enough to fry an egg, your place made a bad color decision.

4-room for elbows: Seat spacing is a game changer. The owners will try to push the seats together in an effort to accommodate more spectators. No one likes to feel like a sardine while cheering on their hometown favorite. Space is everything.

5-rigidity: If every time someone in your row sneezes, their seat shakes, that’s a sign that your chairs are poorly designed and built.

6 cup holders: For many, the main focus of going to a game is the peripheral components of the experience, like enjoying a drink or a hot dog. Unless, of course, there is nowhere to put one. Keeping a sufficient number of cup holders around each seat is essential to the stadium experience.

7-Arriving at the Corridor: No one likes to climb over 25 people to get out of their row and get moving, but in some of today’s tight arenas, that’s exactly what you have to do. The number of seats in a given section determines the number of people you will have to pass or who will pass over you. The more wings there are, the better the access.

The crucial factor, when it comes to your stadium experience, centers on the stadium seats the venue employs and how its design benefits the spectator.

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