Spend your summer holidays in Goa

Goa, along the Arabian Sea, has its small territory between Karnataka and Maharashtra. The small region between these two great Indian states has been replete with picturesque splendor and rich cultural heritage. It is a perfect place to experience the spectacularly colorful landscape: A landscape where the turquoise sea seems to flirt with the golden sands of the beach coast. This turquoise and gold shoreline, which is beautifully lined with swaying green palm trees, is a perfect sight to behold. Travelers find not only the vibrant tones of this place attractive, but also its vibrancy and serenity. The panoramic views grant a serene environment full of tranquility. The rising tides bring joy and happiness to both your heart and soul. The fascinating charisma of this small Indian state is beyond all verbal description; one must witness it in person to behold the seductive charm of this place. Goa is world famous as the ‘Rome of the East’ mainly because it constitutes one of the most developed tourist infrastructures.

Goa has another name – the “Pearl of the Orient”. It is a picturesque tropical paradise that is further adorned with pristine beaches, home to exotic wildlife and scenic natural magnificence. The gleaming whitewashed houses, thriving temples, churches and colonial buildings comprise a fusion of Indo-European architecture. All these buildings also show cultural influence. The enchanting beaches offer exciting adventure sports and water activities to enjoy in the summer. The place is also famous for its delicious cuisine. The exclusive seafood and the traditional drink called “feni” stand out among the tourists.

A Goa tour is a perfect option to enjoy during the summer holidays. One must start planning their summer vacation. It is advisable to book a tour with the tour operator to have the most splendid experience. Such tours will take care of all your needs and accommodate you to experience all these Goa attractions without any difficulties. These tours will provide the best of Goa in one trip. Every demand and comfort is taken care of if one chooses to spend their vacation through a professional tour operator. They give you the option to customize the itineraries according to the client’s desire. These tours are specially arranged to give a hassle free trip to Goa and have memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.

A Goa holiday is an unforgettable experience in itself. However, if you are accompanied by a professional travel agent, your visit to this charming place will be more pleasant and hassle-free.

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