SEO Vs PPC: Who Won The Battle To Be On Top?

To increase online visibility, traffic volume and leads, companies hire the online marketing company that provides organic SEO services or PPC marketing services.

But things are not as easy as they seem. The big decision that is whether to go for SEO or PPC to make the website visible on the first page of the search engine continues to hammer the minds of entrepreneurs.

What is better between the two? Well, it depends on the goal, the type of products or services you want to sell, the industry your services belong to, and much more. So the decision between PPC and SEO will depend on your business.

Before we get things straight between SEO and PPC, let’s first understand what exactly SEO and PPC are.

SEO: Search engine optimization allows websites to rank higher in organic search results in search engines for particular keywords. Based on the quality of the content, reviews, backlinks, and other factors, search engine crawlers bring the website to the top. It is a freemium service and highly preferred by companies.

PPC – Abbreviated as pay per click where businesses have to buy ad space on search engines to get the specific keyword to the top results.

Let’s dig deeper to find out which, SEO or PPC, gives a better advantage to companies:

– Difference in the first positions

It doesn’t matter how much you have optimized the website for search engines, but they are always listed at the top or bottom of PPC ads.

Where PPC ads are displayed depends on the amount paid, the number of targeted keywords, the keywords contained in the landing pages, the keywords in the ad, and many more factors.

Those websites are reflected at the top of the organic results that are considered the most relevant to the user’s query according to the search engine. On the other hand, PPC ads are part of premium search engine marketing campaigns that are displayed to the audience of a particular geography and demographics at a specific time.

All in all, websites rank first in organic results that are optimized for SEO, while ads appear on the first page at the top when paying a large amount of cost per click (CPC).

– Expenses to be made

The flexibility to experiment is more with SEO as you will not incur any additional costs. But there is one more truth: achieving success with free resources will not be easy. The same goes for SEO services, where you have to go to great lengths to push your website to the highest rankings.

You can even do it yourself by uploading new content that is valuable, providing quality backlinks, maintaining optimal keyword density, improving performance, and making everything relevant to users that improves user experience or employs SEO services. organic.

PPC ads require you to spend dollars per click, and the cost per click of the ads varies, based on the popularity of the specific keyword, the advertisers using the same keyword, or the number of advertisers already They have reserved ad positions for that keyword. .

Based on the budget you have reserved for your PPC ad campaign, you can calculate and purchase ad positions for a certain CPC rate.

– Traffic volume

This is the most debatable question: which one generates the most traffic? Although SEO requires a large investment of effort to bring the website to the top position, it paid off in the long run.

Furthermore, statistics showed that websites get 45 times more traffic from organic search compared to PPC ad campaigns. With SEO, websites will get traffic 24/7 without spending a single penny unless you hire SEO services … J

If someone claims to get immediate high traffic through PPC ads, don’t let them forget about the money they spent to get leads. In the end, the situation is almost the same.

Consequently, you will get organic traffic until the website ranks high on the first page and paid traffic until you pay for clicks.

– Talk about the real results.

Businesses are doing SEO optimization or running PPC ad campaign not only to skyrocket traffic volume, but also to convert visitors into leads.

The website that appears in front of users in the top 5 results may not be specifically relevant to what users are looking for. Visitors from search may not convert.

On the other hand, PPC campaigns are highly targeted and based on keywords, that if users click, then the likelihood that the visitor is interested in the product or service is more likely.

The bottom line: The conversion rate is high with PPC ads, but that comes at a cost, and SEO generates high-quality leads, but when it comes to conversion, it’s not on par.

– Time investment

SEO brings long-term results, but it takes time to index and rank the website. Instead, PPC only needs one investment of money and it really paid off with instant traffic and a high conversion rate.

If you are looking to get huge traffic and sales right away, go for PPC marketing services, otherwise you may prefer SEO.

Also, SEO will not take a long time to manage and monitor the website, while the PPC ad campaign is necessary to ensure that the keyword is searched by cost per click.

What does the final analysis say?

A quick look at the notable stats:

– Users are likely to click eight times on organic results.

– 70% of users click on organic results when searching for something.

– During the purchase, 67% of users trust organic results.

Indicates that organic results are more preferred by Internet users. But it will not diminish the importance of PPC marketing services because it is the best way to get immediate traffic and increase the conversion rate.

Therefore, it is not good to question the robustness of any marketing service. It depends on what you choose and how you step up the game and create market authority. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Scale and excel with the one that suits your online business needs.

Good luck!

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