Responsibilities of a Real Estate Agent

In many areas of this country, there is no shortage of licensed real estate agents, however, often, we witness some who are simply going through the motions, rather than taking their responsibilities, duties, etc., seriously and help. buyers and sellers reach a well-considered and mutually satisfactory agreement. Although each client has certain needs, priorities, objectives, etc. unique, a quality agent recognizes that he has both a legal and an ethical responsibility to do what is right, consistently, rather than just what might be convenient. and/or easy! With that in mind, therefore, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, discuss, and review some of these basic responsibilities and why clients deserve quality, responsible, responsive, and relevant service and representation.

one. Trustee: Both ethically (according to the Code of Ethics of almost all real estate organizations, as well as the real estate laws of most states), and morally, an agent must realize that they have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients. . This means he must protect a client’s privacy and avoid divulging personal items or reasons someone might be selling, which could hurt the owner’s bottom line! However, there is sometimes a bit of a fine line between doing this and the legal responsibility to honestly disclose anything that could be considered a material problem, etc. Some of them include: material defects; Known issues about the area, which could affect values, etc. Ethically protecting a customer’s needs, including: non-disclosure of vendor financial information; indicating the schedule of a client, especially if it is related needs, etc.

2. Integrity: Agents must demonstrate a clear commitment to maintaining their absolute integrity, even when tempted to take a shortcut. Quality representation means that the best interests of your clients must come first, and any personal gain and/or self-interest must never interfere with that focus and intent! Agents must be service oriented!

3. Sensitivity: How well someone articulates your message and responds to questions, concerns, etc. from both your clients and potential buyers, often the difference between responsible and responsive agents and the rest of the pack! Your representative should provide feedback and be prepared to provide information, recommendations, etc.

Before you hire someone to help you market, sell, and represent your home, you should carefully interview several to determine who might best meet your specific needs, goals, and priorities. Since, for most of us, our home represents our most important financial asset, doesn’t that make sense?

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