Reiki Healing Touch FAQs

The media and public opinion often misunderstand Reiki. Seen as a hoax or even witchcraft and an opening to devil worship! Misinformation and poor understanding of Reiki have led to the development of many myths, so I thought I’d write a few simple FAQs on the main aspects of Reiki to help bring a clearer picture to the art.

Q. “What is Reiki?”

IN. Reiki is originally a Japanese art of energy healing that promotes stress reduction and relaxation that promotes self-healing. It is usually administered by laying hands on a person to allow life energy to flow to the subject. Increasing this energy helps us to be happier and healthier, which can counteract illness.

Q. “How does it feel?”

IN. Reiki treatment has been described as sensations of warmth or coolness, “tingly” tingling, vibratory buzzing, electrical sparks, palpitations, numbness, itching, and even drowsiness.

Q. “Is Reiki a religion?”

IN. No! Reiki is not a religion. Although Reiki of a spiritual nature does not have any dogma or churches or anything like that. It is also not related to faith healing or witchcraft. It can be seen as a very personal spiritual thing and many have attributed it to feeling closer to God if they are religious, but the fundamentals of Reiki are not religious in nature. Reiki will indeed work whether you believe in it or not!

Q. “Is Reiki dangerous?”

IN. Reiki is not an intrusive treatment, rather it encourages the body to heal itself. In this way, it is believed to be very safe as there are no external chemicals such as drugs or surgery. Only flow of energy that removes blockages from the body and promotes self-healing that the body knows how to do!

Q. “Where does this energy come from?”

IN. The energy that flows from Reiki does not come from the Reiki practitioner or the patient. Energy comes from the universe and is in infinite supply.

Q. “Can I treat myself with Reiki?”

IN. If you can! This is a great Reiki asset that you can use the same treatment of others on yourself to promote your own health.

Q. “Can anyone learn Reiki?”

IN. Again yes! Anyone can learn Reiki. Reiki for adults, children, men, women, skeptics and believers can be taught to anyone who does not need any talent or initiation as a prerequisite.

Q. “Can I stop going to the doctor if I use Reiki?”

IN. Reiki works in conjunction with all other medications and most Reiki practitioners do not recommend that you not seek conventional medical advice in favor of Reiki alone. Reiki can be used in conjunction with all other treatments to great benefit.

Q. “What are Reiki symbols?”

IN. Reiki symbols are simply tools to use as focus points.

Q. “Can Reiki be used remotely?”

IN. Yes, at a higher level of Reiki you can send energy to anyone at any distance. You need to have a picture of the person or their name on a piece of paper and use one of the symbols that you have learned to send energy to that person.

There are many more questions I’m sure, but I hope this has provided an overview of Reiki and its benefits!

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