Please do not buy from pet stores

I write this to raise awareness and attention to a horrible but not new discovery that we don’t often think about. When you buy puppies or kittens from pet stores or pet chains, you’re supporting the factories. . .

When we buy a pet or even shop at a store that sells puppies, we contribute to a ruthless underground industry that forces dogs to spend their entire lives in cages that are constantly reproduced to meet consumer demand for puppies.

If you’re not familiar with the definition of a puppy mill, it’s similar to raising cattle for production. Bitches are often kept in tiny cages and are forced to breed as often as possible throughout their lives. There is no love, proper attention or care given. Once they have produced many profitable litters, they are slaughtered. It is a business after all. I won’t go into the graphic and sad details of what goes on in a puppy mill, but here is a link if you choose to go deeper into this and educate yourself and others.


There are SO MANY beautiful and loving stray dogs and cats available for adoption that there is no reason to continue to breed these dogs in large numbers and sell them for unbelievable amounts of money, especially in the conditions in which they live.

I am guilty of this.

I bought a Silky Terrier at a pet store for $900. It was adorable and I fell in love. I honestly didn’t know anything about the windmills or what was behind all this. All I knew was I saw him in a 10 gallon aquarium and he looked at me and that was it. The pet store owner assured me that all of his dogs are USDA certified and that the places where he buys them are inspected and stamped for his approval. I believed this and it is a well known pet store in Kamms Corner, (Cleveland) Later, after doing my own research, I learned something completely different. The papers for my silky had the pinwheel at the top. I searched and found that it is no different than any other mill, =(

I instantly thought of my pup’s family and parents who were still there and the conditions other dogs live in. It’s really too sad. I just wanted to get the word out and let anyone know that you may be in the market for a designer dog or new pet at a pet store, to head to a shelter and adopt or at least look in the paper and buy from a home breeder who cares for his animals. I learned that NO local breeders who care for their animals sell their dogs or cats to pet stores. They give them up for adoption only to people who believe they will take care of the dogs and do not keep them in aquariums. . .Even if the owner of the store promises you and tells you that he buys local or not from oil mills, it is almost impossible. Research where they get their dogs from first before you buy them. I am a REALTOR. Now, while talking to buyers or showing pet-perfect backyards, when they agree (and many new owners will buy a dog), I try to get the word out without being pushy, of course. Simply, “This is a great yard for a dog! Just adopt and don’t buy one from a pet store, mall, or online.” We can all make a difference simply by informing others as much as possible.

Puppy mills sell to local pet stores for $10-$60 per puppy. But you pay 10 times MORE.

Puppies bought from pet stores are often aggressive, disruptive, and difficult to train.

PetSmart is a wonderful chain. They don’t sell puppies (which I’m sure would make a mint) and only sell cats and kittens that have been abandoned or strays. Adopting from them is safe, buy their products in the store at least to support animals, not mills.

Thanks for listening and spread the word, even if it’s random; “Don’t buy from pet stores” Not that I want to see them out of business, but until they change their method of greed and obtaining animals, I have lost respect for them and will not support them.

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