Plasti Kote bedding: how to do it

Today, many people use box liners on their truck beds. Since you are reading this article, you would probably like to have one too. So which type should you choose? There are many different bed liners. There are carpet liners, rubber mats, plastic liners, liquid liners, and more. The choice of bed liner really depends on what your needs are.

Having said that, I am going to tell you about the Plasti Kote bedliner. This coating is a thick, textured paint that is sprayed, brushed, or rolled onto the truck bed. Plasti-Kote is one of the least expensive liquid bedding options available and it has many good qualities. It is permanent, protective, easy to install, easy to maintain, and inexpensive.

Liquid eyeliner is also a great DIY project. Our 1980 Plymouth pickup has had a DIY Plasti Kote bedliner for two years. The following are five tips for installing your own siding that we learned from our experience.

  1. Clean your truck bed first. Before coating, you should clean with an automotive strength cleaner. This is to remove grease and other contaminants that could make it difficult for the coating to adhere.
  2. Mask the bed rails carefully. Use masking tape to make straight, professional-looking edges around where you want the bed liner to be. We use masking tape to cleanly define the edge of our siding.
  3. Sand the bed well. Body liner liquid adheres better if your truck bed is roughened with coarse grit sandpaper – hard sanding is key (just be sure to clean any metal particles left from sanding).
  4. Buy extra paint for the truck bed. We found that a gallon can of coating paint was not thick enough for our needs. Painting the extra bed would allow you to put a thicker liner on your truck bed. It also allows you to easily make repairs with leftover paint.
  5. Use a paint roller and brush to install your siding. It may seem like a spray coating application would look better, but we found that the material softens very well with inexpensive rollers and paint brushes.

So here are five tips that can make bed liner installation easier. If you choose a Plasti Kote bed covering, I think installing one is a nice project!

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