Omagles Toys: Why They’re Great & Where You Can Find Them

Omagles are possibly the best toy to help children develop their imagination and creativity because they encourage a type of play known in the psychological development community as “Free Play”.

What is free play?

Free play is the kind of game that doesn’t have general rules like football or baseball does. Children have to make up their own rules and become more creative. Studies have shown that if you take two groups of kids, where one group is playing a game with some pre-existing rules, and the other is “free playing”, the free play group will score MUCH higher on creativity tests.

A great article that you must read on this topic was published by the Scientific American Mind called The Serious Need For Play. It is definitely worth reading. You can find it by doing a Google search.

How can Omagles help encourage free play?

Omagles are a construction tool that allow children to build almost anything, as you can see in some examples taken from their instruction manual.

During my own childhood, I sold my first glass of lemonade in a lemonade cart that I made with Omagles. My brother built his first stage that he performed on (he is now a professional magician for the Ringling Brothers). And we even built a replica of the old Gladiator challenge and obstacle course.

Basically, the opportunities are endless.

Whether you have a little “princess” who wants to build a castle, with a drawbridge, and then make her little brother go wrong… Knight in shining armor protects from the evil dragon… or build race cars to race . down a hill, or a thousand other ideas, Omagles gives his son the foundation to create everything.

Omagles are truly the perfect Free Play toy.

They’re not the cheapest toy out there, but they’ll outlast any battery-operated fad for generations. In fact, I still have my set of Omagles that I had as a kid and I took them out of my mom’s garage yesterday to show my son. And even at 2 1/2 he totally captivated him for almost 2 hours while his little brain worked building all sorts of things.

The only downside to Omagles is that they are a bit hard to find. You can find some on eBay from time to time, but I also recommend checking out the omagels site as they seem to have slightly better prices.

Whether you’re looking for the next hit Christmas gift or your child has an upcoming birthday, I promise they’ll love a game or two from Omagles. You will never get more for your money than these toys will give you… and I think almost every other kid who grew up with Omagles would tell you the same.

Go get some….no seriously, why haven’t you gone get them yet? 😉

Other resources to develop creativity

If you really want to do everything possible to develop your child’s creativity, I recommend that you do two things…

1. Watch Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted video on how we’re ruining creativity in our youth.

2. Download my free report, Unlocking Your Child’s Full Potential for 6 Mind Imprinting Strategies for Child Development

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