Notes relating to Leeds rental charges

“I. Unprotected deposits (deposit)

Landlords are required by law to protect their tenants’ deposits by placing them under one of three schemes: the Deposit Protection Scheme, My Deposit and the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

To avoid future disputes, it is very important that you make sure that you find out which scheme your landlord is using to protect your deposit before you sign the contract, and make sure that they show evidence that your deposit is protected.

Also, every deposit protection program has a free grievance service. Leeds student accommodation abroad experts advise students that they can use this service if their landlord deliberately does not refund their deposit. To check whether your deposit has been protected, you can obtain a referencenumber from your agent and call them to ask.

Credit check fee

In order to prevent Leeds student accommodation from defaulting on their rent, landlords often conduct credit checks on prospective tenants; at the same time, some agents charge a higher credit check fee.

Overall, the cost of a credit check report is around £100, but some agents may ask you to pay a higher fee. Worse still, some agents will show students many properties and then ask them to do multiple credit checks. Students are reminded that this check will only tell the landlord about your previous credit history, so doing multiple credit checks is completely unnecessary.

3. Non-refundable fees (Administration charges)

A student who studied in the UK once told me that she was charged a fee of £210 by her agent, so she thought she had already booked the flat. However, her agent then told her that the landlord had accepted another application, but the student’s fee was not refundable. It’s no coincidence that another student even paid a £540 processing fee, which also went down the drain. We would like to remind you that you should refuse to pay the processing fee unless you are sure that you are renting the property.

Alternatively, if you are dealing directly with the landlord, you may not have to pay any fees. Checking the appropriate housing websites may help you find such landlords.”

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