Networks and equity

There has definitely been a social push and a call for justice and equity in our societies, communities and businesses. In light of the pandemic, social / racial injustices, health, and socioeconomic disparities, many people are making enabling change a priority. Businesses, organizations and agencies alike are jumping on this bandwagon and taking responsibility and accountability.

The same ideologies and behaviors can coincide with the experts in networks. People are aligning their beliefs, values, and commitment with their networking practices. This form of fairness, along with networking, is also redefining relationships, connections, and interactions.

Listed below are the ways that groups and individuals can use the media of equity for civic, business and social transformation.

Freedom fighters

Consider using your networking platform to advocate and become an ally of underrepresented individuals and groups. Position yourself as a resource to raise awareness and disseminate information about these causes. Organize programs, meetings, strategy sessions, and other activities to engage your networks and build a following. This measure can also be exercised in the business, non-profit and academic fields.

Members only

Join organizations that align their efforts with equity and equality. Learn how they are making an impact in their industries, communities, and among their employees. Choose companies that support and commit to being transparent, value education, and offer support. Also, use metrics to analyze and monitor successes and setbacks. Partnering with these organizations elevates your message and reinforces your personal brand.

Lifelong activists

As you continue to navigate through these uncertain times, it is imperative to have a positive, strategic and forward thinking mindset. Change is not expected to appear overnight. It requires dedication, hard work, and commitment. It also involves long-term patience and focus. As individuals championing a cause and pushing for fairness, it is important to be intentional throughout the journey.

Use these valuable tips and suggestions to achieve equity in your goals and relationships. Connect with like-minded individuals, organizations, and entities who share your vision, mission, and passion. Commit to the task and hope for long-term transformative change.

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