Neighborhood Watch Mission Statement

A mobile neighborhood watch patrol can make a positive contribution to the community. They are easy to get started and we have a free e-book to help you. The most important first step in establishing the mobile neighborhood watch program is designing a proper mission statement that all volunteer members can live by. Here is a sample of a good mission statement to help launch the Mobile Neighborhood Watch Program that you will soon establish in your community.

Mission status:

Help our local police department by becoming the eyes and ears of the community. Establish a presence power and thus increase the visibility of our application services. Establish a zone for criminals where the risk of being caught is too high for them to practice their profession. Unite the business community and the Chamber of Commerce with citizens and local government. Be proactive in applying the law. Empower people to stay in control of their communities. To reduce crime rates and keep property values ​​high.

People who have jobs that require extensive travel through local communities (such as delivery services, real estate agents, and utility companies) often find themselves in positions where they can see crime in action or suspicious behavior. Sometimes just by being in a particular area at the right time, they can even unknowingly act as a deterrent to criminal activity. The Neighborhood Mobile Watch program seeks to improve a community’s crime prevention strategy by providing concerned citizens, whose professions require prolonged driving, proper training, and signage materials to further deter criminal activity.

Learning to recognize suspicious behavior and knowing which local authorities to contact is one of the key components of the training. Just knowing the correct phone number, rather than dialing 911, can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for proper authorities to respond, and it keeps 911 lines open for other emergencies. Another key component of the program is providing magnetic placards on commercial and service vehicles, and using static adhesive stickers on other vehicles that say, “We report suspicious behavior to our local police department.” This lets potential criminals know immediately that they should not risk any illegal activity; There is a knowledgeable and trained crime watchman in the area.

Each program participant attends a 30-minute seminar at the local Chamber of Commerce with a Community Relations Officer from the Police Department. They will receive a certificate and then they will be issued two magnetic signs or a set of static adhesive stickers for their car (s). We will be engaging House members to get started, and as things turn out to be effective, we will increase participation and education of the process. We will alert the media to this program and give credit to participants for helping our city or town. Participants will need some type of two-way communication, such as a cell phone, two-way radio with dispatcher, or wireless Internet access.

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