Monograms – Record special moments!

Life’s special moments call for a unique type of gift. Monogrammed gifts make special occasions like birthdays and weddings a little more personal. A monogram is a decorative motif that uses one, two, or more letters of a person’s name, usually in a fancy font. In most cases, the letters used are the initials of the person receiving the gift.

Monogram styles and arrangements

A monogram comes in many different styles and arrangements. The arrangement of the initials may vary depending on the recipient of the gift. These are the common types of monograms that can be seen:

  • initial style monogram
    • uses a one-letter monogram, usually a first or last initial, or a company letter
  • block style
    • popularly used in three letter monograms, the letters are all the same size and width
  • traditional style
    • normally used with names in a three-initial format, the middle letter represents the first letter of the last name and is slightly larger than the side letters that are indicative of the first and middle names
  • stacked style
    • best used with three-letter monograms, first and middle initials are stacked and placed to the left of the last name initial
  • interlock
    • used with fonts that have swashes, allowing elements to touch each other
  • circle monogram
    • a style that works best with two or three letter monograms, the letters fit inside and in the shape of a circle
  • Diamond
    • works the same way as the circular monogram, only the letters are enclosed in a diamond shape or take the shape of a diamond
  • split letter
    • a small space overlaps the initial character, and this space can contain the entire word that the initial letter represents

Different Monogram Shapes

Monograms can be created using the font and arrangement that best suits the occasion. Many monogrammed gifts are often made by engraving or engraving the monogram on the gift. An example of these are jewelry, glasses, wooden souvenirs, etc.

Other forms of monogram include embroidery and vinyl decals. Many jackets or polo shirts may be adorned with a company or owner’s monogram in embroidered letters. These letters can also be made in various fonts. Vinyl decals are made for items like plastic cups and car windows.

Why monogram?

Monograms are a great way to make a personal gift for the recipient. Most monogrammed gifts are also functional, meaning the recipient can use them instead of just leaving them on a shelf. For special occasions, the use of monograms provides a personal experience and shows the thought of the person giving the gift.

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