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Monkey Quest is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) that was released in March 2011 by Behavior Interactive. Monkey Quest is another in a long list of online games published by Nickelodeon. The site is aimed at children 6 to 12 years old. This game exists in the fantasy world of Ook, where members explore, meet new friends, play games, and gain knowledge about the world through their monkey avatar.

The appeal of Monkey Quest is the online games that members play that are reminiscent of old Nintendo and arcade-style games. Memberships start at $ 7.95 per month for the first month; however, this fee is billed again at $ 9.95 per month for the monthly membership. A six-month membership costs $ 44.95 and an annual membership is $ 59.95. Monkey Quest does not offer refunds. There is a free membership for children; however, their movement within the virtual world is limited. Players can also get access to exclusive content in Monkey Quest by purchasing NickCash (Nickelodeon’s virtual cash). Monkey Quest requires a broadband internet connection, a high-end video card, and the installation of a plug-in called Unity. The game is played through the Money Quest website.


New members create and customize a monkey avatar to use as their virtual personality. Once the avatar is created, enter the virtual world of Ook and start having adventures playing online games. Once an avatar successfully completes a game, they can advance to the next level and get better armor and advanced weapons to defend against the evil monsters they encounter. Monkeys can go on individual missions or participate in group missions with other members. Not all missions or assignments are game based. Members will find puzzles to solve to get through doors and other obstacles.

As with other online games, Monkey Quest follows a plot to bring the member’s monkey from point A to point B. The age range for which the game is intended limits the complexity of the plot, but it is sufficient that the children and parents are attracted to him. Parents should know that NickCash allows children to purchase merchandise from the online store. The only way to get NickCash is by buying it with real cash. The only benefits players get from successfully completing the games are graduating to the next level and dressing their monkeys in better armor. To make their monkeys move through the virtual world, players must learn to master the controls. The keyboard’s arrow keys and spacebar move the monkey, while the hotkeys fire weapons and access potions. Unlike many other virtual worlds, Monkey Quest does not have a social chat room.

What is good

Monkey Quest is a gaming website that will primarily appeal to children under the age of 10 who are interested in traditional video game action. The graphics and design of the website and the game are quite good. The people who created all the monkey avatars definitely knew their target audience. Monkeys are silly, funny, cute, and easy to like. Monkey personalities really shine. It is this relaxed attitude that will make children comfortable with play. There are no adult themes in the games or on the website. Drinking, smoking, drug use, sex, and offensive language are not allowed.

By working as a team with other players in missions and games, children will learn the value of teamwork. On missions, children will learn that helping others is a selfless act. Individuals in a position of authority in the game are good and encourage players to help others and follow their example. A good amount of logic must be put together to solve puzzles, which can develop a child’s thinking patterns.

What is bad

Monkey Quest has some cartoon violence that can cheer up younger players; Yet there is no blood, gore, pain, or thoughtless violence. Since the game is based on a video game platform, there will be some good versus evil battles where kids are the good guys and they need to defeat their enemies to advance to the next level. Also, since there is an online merchandise store, parents can see an increased focus on purchasing Monkey Quest related products.

Online security

Since online chat is limited to preselected phrases and filtered language, the worst part of the online safety that most parents worry about has been significantly reduced. Still, parents and children need to remain vigilant while online. All communications are filtered and moderators monitor the site around the clock. It is very difficult to find the Monkey Quest security policy. It should be displayed more prominently.

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