Microsoft Dynamics GP Texas Countryside Implementation

When we’re talking about implementing a mid-sized, complex ERP system for a South Texas manufacturing plant, for example, you should probably expect a mix of initial site visit to actual analysis of the legacy MRP system. , requirements, and follow-up phone interviews to finalize the accounting system. implementation proposals. Success factors include good coordination with your internal IT group, especially in coordinating ERP and technical functionality project management. Here we would like to position for you some highlights of Microsoft Great Plains:

or Technology. Great Plains Architecture is initially based on the Great Plains Software Dexterity platform (Dynamics.Dic, DEX_ROW_ID, Dynamics.Set, Dexterity.Exe – these are all traces of the old Dex solid foundation). Currently, Microsoft Dynamics Project (or former name, Microsoft Project Green) is de-emphasizing the Microsoft Dexterity core and putting more emphasis on .Net (eConnect, XML web services), MS Office (Microsoft Office seamless integration, Microsoft Sharepoint) and MS Business Portal, plus integration with front-ends like Microsoft CRM 3.0

o Microsoft Dynamics ERP family of products. You will probably end up defining the right niche for each one. Microsoft Dynamics AX is more likely to take a niche of giant companies to compete with Oracle EBusiness Suite and SAP mySAP, and Microsoft Dynamics GP will be a good solution for midsize companies like discrete manufacturing, field services, non-profit organizations, range more wide range of verticals in the US market. Axapta is more likely to be localized for most international markets, where it will reach the midsize clientele.

or Integrations. Being ERP applications based on Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to use the linked server technology of MS SQL Server and therefore implement cross-platform integrations, which is especially important for medium and large companies with a long history of ERP and a phased approach to legacy ERP. evolution. On the other hand, Microsoft Great Plains Integration Manager can cover current and relatively easy integrations: to your retail management system, integrations with your overseas subsidiary at the GP level, so-called consolidation, etc.

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