Little Boy Gan, By: Lisa McDonald – Book Review

“The Beginning” is how Lisa McDonald ends her book, a technique that completely caught my thoughts by surprise and reverberated the lessons of her story in my mind. Little Boy Gan by Passion-Filled Everland is a creative collaboration of indelible imagery coupled with a timeless story that results in a delightful literary device for any personal collection or library.

Perfect for reading to a child before bed, or for anyone to take a few moments during the day, McDonald draws on the timeless power of gratitude to amplify awareness of the moment and accentuate the smaller things in life that she says have. the greatest enjoyment.

Inside the enchanted forest of Everland is a cast including a talking willow, a caterpillar, a deer, a frog, a goose, a tortoise, and a squirrel who ask Gan the same question: “What makes you glow with happiness? ” Being drawn to the glory of Gan’s being, the characters learn a lesson derived from Gan’s peace, love, and gratitude. Gan’s leap in his walk contributes to his happy thoughts; his kind words come from feeling comfortable inside his own skin; his humble tranquility allows him to listen to the universe. These are all very important Zen techniques for self-actualization, and reading this book allows children to develop these skills by watching the lessons Gan tells his amazing friends.

One can’t help but stop and think about how peaceful Everland is, as the images create an angelic view of the characters’ interaction. Illustrative viewpoints float whimsically in perspective and zoom in using highly creative art. Gan is humble and clear with his answers to the questions of why he is so happy. Those answers are found in everyone; only in Gan’s case, he understands the “why” at such a young age, showing other young people that wisdom at any age is achievable if given time for quiet meditation. One learns to appreciate the blessings that the “here and now” creates.

This book is one of a series of other children’s books written by Lisa McDonald. In Little Boy Gan, he created a piece that stands out on its own merits to be complete, but fits into his messages from other works as a puzzle for young minds to make sense of life’s lessons. It is a spiritual book, although it does not mention God, a philosophical book without mentioning the Eastern prophets and a classic of the image with soft but detailed illustrations.

In the competitive market for children’s books, Lisa McDonald has established herself as a visionary author capable of linking illustrations to concise but powerful messages, poetically using sentences and dialogue to convey lessons on how to develop self-confidence and wisdom in words. Small children.

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